While Mindlessly Googling Myself...

I found this!

"Lesley Speller of Kaos Kreations said, 'The percentage of people from 15 to 25 years old in Denmark who play roleplaying games is estimated at 23% according to a Danish roleplaying magazine called Alter Ego, so we will have a rather large audience.' Features of the website . . ."

Now I have no memory whatsoever of saying that, but we did own that domain so I guess at some point I must have. LOL

On a somewhat unrelated note, but also about google.

There is a woman in England who works in Education who is also named Lesley Speller. I know this because of the random googling of my name of course. I wonder if she ever googles herself and finds all these strange things posted by and about a weird wannabe romance writer in the US. hehehe


Anonymous said…
I google myself often, but I only find myself :P

And you're not weird! You're perfectly lovely and unique!
Anonymous said…
Hehehe. Yeah, that woman's probably like, "Huh, I'm a writer?"
Anonymous said…
yep I'm a google-myself-aholic.

I get a travel writer, who writes about New England. And a woman in San Francisco who's involved in the school board there.

So we all get an odd mish-mash as I'm Kim Knox in England writing SF, hehe
Anonymous said…
I have googled me, but I am not cool and I don't have any twinsies out there...

Maybe I should change my name, lol

Anonymous said…
I think you need to copyright your name and tell anyone else who has it that they have to change to something else! Or not.
Anonymous said…
Jenn: I can't believe you don't have a twin name out there somewhere! I guess your last name isn't terribly common though. Kinda like my maiden name.

Jennifer: hehe Probably!

Kim: It's fun to know you're doing all kinds of interesting things! Like travel writing! Without even knowing it! ;)

Vixen: I'll bet if you googled "Vixen" you'd find all sorts of smashing things on Google. :D

Mommy: Hmmm I wonder if that would work. LOL

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