United Romance Writers Association

If you're a writer, go check out this group I just joined. :-D

Those of you who write romance, or books with romantic elements, may be interested in this new networking association for writers.

United Romance Writers Association (URWA)

The United Romance Writers Association is a forum for authors to critique, workshop, discuss and share info about the Romance industry. This forum is a private member group FREE to all Romance authors published and unpublished.

Authors of all genres are welcome, too – we don’t exclude anyone. We can learn from each other.

We make no distinction between published and unpublished authors. No levels of membership will exist.

URWA came about because of the limiting barriers thrown up from other professional writing organizations. We don’t want barriers. We want creativity and honesty, candid discussion and contribution, to the field of romance fiction.

We are small and growing and may evolve as we do. We need your input, expertise and ideas.

Note: This is a promotion free forum. Advancing the craft of romance fiction is the goal, book promotion is not.

To join the forum, click here


Anonymous said…
Sounds good.

(PS. I tagged you on my Friday post)
Anonymous said…
Hi Leslie. Thanks for giving URWA a mention. :)


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