Thursday Thirteen #30

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On to my 13!

You know what…I have nothing! I'm blank! Absolutely blank…so…

13 Completely Random Things About this Week

  1. I had my first doctor visit for the little munchkin this Monday.
  2. The lovely lady who took my blood is a very talented finder of veins, but I seem to have no veins so I got stuck three times and still didn't get enough blood for all the tests they run. Actually we might have established that I'm actually a zombie, because aside from having no veins and therefore no blood, I also have no pulse in my wrists. Which was good, because we finally managed to get some blood from one of those. I'll bet I'd be a vampire's worst nightmare. LOL
  3. The lab that my insurance has an agreement with just forgot to run the most important test. Despite the fact that the lovely lady I mentioned before wrote in BIG letters and highlighted "Do Progesterone First" at the top of the form.
  4. So today I got to go back again with my already bruised arms and get blood drawn again. Hopefully I'll hear back today on that.
  5. My son is playing Cars on Wii right now. He's very good at it. He's only two!
  6. His potty training is going smashingly! As long as he doesn't have a diaper on, he just goes and uses his potty. If he has a diaper or his little adorable toddler undies on (OMG they are cute) then he usually remembers to tell me.
  7. I have been frequenting the United Romance Writers Association's new website. Go check it out! It's beautiful!
  8. Speaking of websites. I need to do some work on mine. It needs a brief overhaul.
  9. I've got my work group's Christmas party tomorrow. That should be fun.
  10. Frontline is expensive!!! We had a flea situation crop up amongst the pet population in our household, and it had to be dealt with. I HATE FLEAS!!! So I went and got them all frontline. 50 bucks for all three pets!
  11. I still need to finish wrapping all our Christmas presents!
  12. I need a nap!
  13. I had to switch to maternity clothes this week, because even though I haven't gained any weight yet my tummy is distinctly rounder and the other jeans just weren't cutting it.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the potty training and congratulations on #2. I hope the blood work ends soon for you. Happy TT.
Anonymous said…
You're so darn cute....
Anonymous said…
Nurses always have problems finding my veins, too. So, I feel for ya. :)

I need a nap and I'm not even pregnant. LOL!
Anonymous said…
I am possibly a zombie also. My blood pressure is too low for the automatic machines, but they never remember until after it tells them I am dead.

Happy TT
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I was in maternity pants long before maternity shirts, too. Especially with #1.

And I now put off blood tests; #1 ruined mine 'cause I had a lot of blood work done during my pregnancy and now I hate to give blood. Heck, I hate needles in general!
Anonymous said…
LOL Lesley sub that darn book already. Or I'll make you sed it to me for a thorough crit LOL

Anonymous said…
Hi, I absolutely hate getting blood drawn!! I hate that my doctor insists I have lab tests every 3-6 months!!!! I did a TT too, it's here:
Anonymous said…
Yup, the flea stuff is pricey! Still better than scratching though.

As one biker to another, I like your Girlbike posts. :)

I have two TT13s this week:

Better decluttering through TT13
Calistoga, California for RVers
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your upcoming little bundle of joy, Lesley! :-) Good luck on the lab tests. As for maternity clothes--they're SO much cuter now than when I was pregnant.
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry about the progesterone (I read the follow up post). That must have been very upsetting for you. After all those punctured veins, too.

Frontline IS worth it since it actually does what it says it will. The cheaper things don't! The Flatland Almanack --Damozel (adorable animals)
Anonymous said…
I am out visiting late this week, but glad I dropped by sending some cyber hugs for all the stress. Hope you will drop by my post for the week:

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