Prepare Yourself for an Influx of Whining

*To the tune of "I Feel Pretty"*

I feel crappy
Oh so crappy
I feel crappy
And poopy
And blahhhh

Obviously I'm not a poet.

That is all. I really just wanted to whine a little!

I want to write, but I'm so exhausted!

I ate my favorite Mexican food tonight, and I didn't even enjoy it! It's so wrong! Everything makes me feel crappy! Except for skittles...and cheddar peppers from sonic...

Oh well, I will survive! :-D


Jenn said…
You know... Acambaro was quickly becoming my favorite Mexican place, but umm... looks like they are no more! Dang it! The USDA grader and I will have to find a new place to have lunch :( :(
Me said…
I just heard about that! Did they completely shut down the restaurant? That is lame! I heard that it was really good.
Jenn said…
It's back open now, I think it was only closed for a couple of days before they decided that the authorities couldn't make them close.

I drug Dylan over there Saturday for lunch, was DELICIOUS! Their quesadillas are to die for... buttery, cheesy, chicken flavored goodness!

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