Thursday Thirteen #31

Oy, it's been a looooooooong week. I've been working my booty off at work, and I'm just draggingly tired! If only this little munchkin would go to sleep, so could I!

I've been so uninspired with my lists lately! I'm going with a Christmas theme this week in honor of the upcoming festivities.

13 of my favorite Christmas Treats
(Most of which sound horribly disgusting to me at the moment because of my morning sickness!)

  1. Truffles: It's like chocolate in one of it's most delightful forms! Nice hard slightly bitter outside filled with a creamy center.
  2. Raspberry Truffle Fudge: Found this one on It's delightful!
  3. Divinity: If you haven't had it, you're missing out! It's ridiculously hard to make! The conditions have to be perfect. Don't make it when it's raining, whatever you do. Then there's the beating! Oy, the beating! It's much easier since I got my Kitchenaid mixer though.
  4. Eggnog: Mmm this stuff is good! Actually it doesn't sound so bad to me right now, and I do have some in the fridge! BRB
    It's non-alcholic!
  5. Candy Canes: The blueberry kind are my favorites! I did eat a whole package of the mint ones this year though as they had some serious tummy calming effects going on. Thanks for the suggestion, Susan!
  6. Fudge: Just any old kind makes me a happy girl. Have I mentioned how much I truly dig chocolate?
  7. Chris Mouse: It's something we used to get every year from Santa Claus. He must have picked them up from Swiss Colony. ;) Ain't he cute!
  8. Godiva Santa: Santa improved his quality in recent years. :-D
  9. Cream cheese with pepper jelly on crackers: I know it sounds kind of weird if you've never had it, but trust me! Yum!
  10. Hot spiced apple cider: Yum!
  11. Hot Cocoa: Only the homemade kind is up to par for me. My recipe costs like 30 bucks to make but makes enough to feed an army of Santa's elves.
  12. Nuts still in their shells: I just love fresh nuts still in their shells. Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds! I love them!
  13. Homemade Chex Mix: I haven't had this in many a year, but I remember it as being the best snack, evah!

Happy Holidays!!!


Nicholas said…
My fave is fruit cake but I think I'm in a minority there.
Carrie Lofty said…
My mom makes these decadent chocolate brownie cookies with cherries in them. To die for. Those and cinnamon sledges are my favorite.
Glad the peppermints helped! I walked around with candy canes -- in February.

I bet that pepper jelly's good. I might need to try some, next time I see a jar of it in a store somewhere... Thanks for the idea!

Happy TT and have a great Christmas!!! Take lots of pictures -- it's your last year as a mom of one!
SandyCarlson said…
I have a divinity recipe that scares the pants off of me. I'm saving it for mid Jan. when nobody is around. I'll set the thermostat, the dehumidifier, the lighting....I wish I could find the stuff in stores to see what the heck it is!
ellen b. said…
ahh you have morning sickness that means you'll have a wonderful blessing soon. Congratualtions...
SJ Reidhead said…
You had me with #1!

The Pink Flamingo
damozel said…
Yum, egg nog. But Godiva chocolates are now officially out of my price range! I sent a friend a small gift box that cost $30....!

13 Extraordinary Winter scenes
Jenn said…
you're evil.......... damn it, now I'm hungry.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Blueberry candy canes sound wrong to me. LOL!
Love fresh nuts, too--and ALL Christmas cookies! YUM!
Christmas nutcracker food for the win!
Linda R. Moore said…
Merry Christmas! I just picked up my compulsory chocolate orange. ;)

My TT was about the solstice this week.

vixensden said…
Merry Christmas (late) and Happy New Year!!!!
Vixen said…
You must be off having mucho fun!

Just stopping by to wish you and yours a Blessed and Happy New Year.

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