I am so ANGRY and UPSET!!!

So I finally got the results back from my progesterone test that I should have gotten on Tuesday! And my progesterone was a "little low." I forgot to ask how low. Anyway they are calling in supplements, but the thing is that if the STUPID FREAKING Lab Corp had done their jobs and read the big letters highlighted on the form with my blood then I could have been on the supplement since Tuesday.

I asked the nurse if I need to worry that this has already caused a problem with the baby, and she said it shouldn't have, but of course I'm still worried sick now. I can't help it. I'm a worrier. We lost our first baby at 7 and a half weeks so now I'm doomed to never have a pregnancy where I don't worry all the time. Which I know isn't good for me or the baby, but I just can't help it.

I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!

If anything happens to this baby because that lab didn't do their jobs, there is going to be hell to pay!


Anonymous said…
I love you sweety! Send me some of that worry and anger, you shouldn't have such a hard time :(

I'm here if you need me to knock some sense into anyone! Or to run to the store for ice cream, or bring you chocolate from Rogers, or whatever :) :)
Anonymous said…
Fingers crossed for you! I really hope everything turns out ok.
Anonymous said…
I would be very angry and upset also. I am praying everything will be just fine and I won't have to fly halfway across the country to help Jenn kick the labs derriere.

Try and enjoy the weekend!
Anonymous said…
Jenn: HUGS Love you too, Jenn Jenn! Mmmm Ice Cream! If only Godiva still made my favorite! *Sniffles*

Nicholas: Thanks!

Vixen: Thanks. I'm sure everything is fine. As I said, I'm just incapable of not worrying.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure everything will be ok. Will be praying for you.

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