Thursday Thirteen #29

I'm going with a ready made list I have of my favorite quotes from Blood and Violets, but I seem to have stopped keeping track at some point in my list so it only numbers eleven. Therefore my First two are simply observations.

2 Observations Followed by 11 Favorite quotes from Blood and Violets
  1. It's sooo cold in here!!!
  2. NEVER check to see if your milk might have gone bad, when you have morning sickness! Never!!! Just don't do it! It's a bad plan!
  3. "He was obviously enjoying her fear. It made her want to hurt him. Badly."
  4. Bruno: "I’m not sure where you got the impression that you’re in charge here, but I think you’ve misinterpreted the situation."
  5. "It was a shame she didn’t have some code she could give Ricky that they’d worked out in advance. Something that meant, I’ve been kidnapped by a vampire. Please send a swat team. If only she’d had more forethought, but planning for such things as kidnappings by mythical creatures had never crossed her mind. Silly girl!"
  6. Bruno: "Girls are confusing!"
  7. Alexander’s thoughts upon seeing Marie’s underwear when he was undressing her to put her to bed: "This was obviously a cosmic plot against him carried out by the fashion designers at Victoria’s Secret. He was definitely going to send Bruno to buy her some sports bras and cotton granny panties. His body couldn’t take this strain."
  8. "Jerks shouldn’t be allowed to be so handsome. They should all be disgustingly ugly or at least have a big J tattooed on their forehead so that sweet, unsuspecting innocents like herself were warned ahead of time."
  9. Bruno’s response to Marie asking whether the “dragons” Markus is referring to are another vampire family: “No, they’re not vampires. They’re dragons. You know, large flying lizards commonly killed by knights.”
  10. Daniel referring to Marie: “Why her? Why that stupid, little bitch?”
    Alexander: “Because, Daniel, a bitch she may be, but stupid she has never been nor ever will be.”
  11. Marie: “You’re not going to start with saying some kind of ‘this is a gift not a curse’ crap, are you? Cause really, if you are, I’m just not interested. If it’s a gift I’d like the receipt, so I can return it and buy a new scooter. Thanks.”
  12. Marie: “I’m not at all the person you seem to think I am.”
    Alex smiled at her, and though she didn’t want it to, it warmed her to her toes. “You’re a lot more than you think you are, Marie.”
  13. Marie's thoughts upon waking up and seeing that she's been shoved all the way to the corner of the bed by Alex: "That man, apart from being a vampire, which was bad enough, was a cover hog!"
I'm still trying to sort out some problems I'm having with Blood and Violets the only problem is that I just can't pinpoint what those problems are. Something just doesn't feel right... It's so frustrating.


Anonymous said…
Loved #5 and 10. :)
Anonymous said…
I LOVE #8. That's SO true!
Anonymous said…
I hate that feeling of knowing it's not quite right, but not being sure what is right. I find that exercise and not thinking about it frees up my capacity to fix. Good luck with it!

Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
The more you share, the more I really want to read the finished product. Number 5 cracked me up.

And I know #2 all too well, lol.

Anonymous said…
Yeah, milk and morning sickness wouldn't go well together. I can totally see that!

The quotes are great, Lesley -- if I start telling you which I love, we'll be here all day.

Wish I could help with what doesn't feel right; e-mail me if you need to bounce ideas around.
Anonymous said…
Great quotes---sounds like an interesting book! And I LOVE the name of your blog.

Anonymous said…
Uhm... LOL And boy do I know a bout cover hogs... Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
I like all those quotes and I take it on trust that observation #2 is accurate!
Anonymous said…
I always love finding little bits of you in your writing...... like #11 :)

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