I'm a Farmer's Daughter! I should have some idea of how to grow things!

Now, I've always wanted to be able to grow things, and the idea of planting things and later harvesting them and feeding my family with them is very appealing to me. However, it seems that I have a big ole...hmmm what is the opposite of a green thumb? A red thumb? Anyway I have those. I am moderately capable of keeping roses alive, but only after a very sad incident in which I completely ignored them for an entire summer in a bed that wasn't lined with that fabric that keeps weeds from growing... Yeah, I didn't realize you had to have that stuff! I thought if you put down mulch it kept things from growing. My weeds laughed at the mulch and grew to waist height!

So last summer my quest was to save the remaining roses in my bed and plant more. I did a pretty darn good job, and I think they will come back quite happily in the spring. I do need to cut them back this month though...*adds that to her to do list*

I also started a nice little herb garden. Anyone can keep herbs alive right? WRONG!!!! I had to replant the basil three times before it took! The first time was totally not my fault. We had this freak cold snap where it dropped to like 22 for three days. It was so sad. All the beautiful spring leaves on the trees shriveled up and died. I was pretty concerned for a while there that we weren't going to have any leaves at all, but they finally came back. I can't remember why the basil died the second time... But the third it took and boy did it take. It got enormous. The mint did well too so I'm hoping it will come back. Mint comes back right? And the cilantro only lasted about a month before I killed it... Oh well. We'll see what I can do with that come spring.

So anyway that brings me to this year. The soil here is...well the soil here is rocks. So as my darling husband has been cleaning up our field in anticipation of spring and lovely new native plant (read that as: weed) growth and has piled up a knee high five foot wide pile of rocks, we're going to be making some above ground garden beds. They'll be 4 foot by 4 foot. Basically we're going to use this uber cool method I saw used by my best friend's sister. It's called Square Foot Gardening. It's like the lazy girl's garden. :-D And it's perfect for places like here where the natural soil is pretty much useless.

So I was thinking the other day, since they are putting out all the gardening stuff does that mean that it's time to start planting the garden. Then it occurred to me that I really should have some idea of this. My grandmother grew like an acre of garden every year! My father was a farmer for most of his life! And I have no idea whatsoever when to plant my seeds... I think I'm embarrassing my ancestors. *Goes off to learn more*


Vixen said…
I love the idea of gardening, but have traditional had a very 'black' thumb. But where we live now is so darn moderate weather wise, I think I could do. This square foot gardening is just the thing for our crappy soil and I could possibly take it with me if I move! Brilliant! I am off to learn more.
Jennifer Shirk said…
I want to plant a herb garden but I'm afraid the bunnies will get to it.
I think this year I'll try one of those potted herb containers.
Me said…
Vixen: Isn't it a great idea! I simply must try it. I'm now debating as to whether I should just plant seeds directly in the soil or whether I should get one of those cute little seed starter greenhouses that they have at walmart. Considering my lack of ability I'm betting starting with live plants would be the right idea.

Jennifer: I got my mom one of those little pots that has the openings on the top and sides (usually for strawberries) but this one was for herbs, and it did really well.

Good luck, ladies!

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