More Adventures in Rit Dye

So before we knew if Nicky was a boy or a girl my Mom brought me a bag of clothes that had belonged to me when I was a baby. Amongst them was my Christening gown.

Cute, right? Aside from the big stain on the front. Doh!

So I tried everything to get it out, including bleach, and that is the end result. So I thought...well it's not really wearable as is so I might as well try something. Now it's polyester and acetate so I had serious doubts as to whether or not the dye would take and it didn't turn to true color on the bottle but I think the color it did become is even better!

It's kinda hard to see the under dress in this picture, but it turned about the same color as the lace. All and all pretty darn cute! Granted no girls, but we'll see. hehe


Anonymous said…
That is awesome!!! I think both my girls christening gowns are stained and in a box somewhere. Perhaps I should dig them out and dye them for the grandkids.
Anonymous said…
Rit dye has now saved two different things I'd given up for lost. It's so cool!
Anonymous said…
Very nice! Looks very perrrr-tee. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Jennifer!

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