In case of disaster...You know... Like on Jericho!

I was thinking that I still haven't gotten my emergency kit in order, and it is about time I start!

I found this great site that is actually to create an emergency pack for your car in case of getting stranded somewhere, but a lot of it applies to a home kit as well.

Rather than just the cheap pot he suggests, I think one of those little aluminum mess kits would be ideal. Like this one. You might even want one for each person in the family, because they have a little cup and plate in them. It'd be a lot easier than sharing. You can use them when you go camping too.

When I got to thinking about how much you'd have to carry if you were...say running away from aliens or zombies or something...I decided I really do need horses. It's not just for my own riding pleasure. Really! They would also be the only reliable means of transportation in a major nationwide catastrophe. It's unlikely that their would still be people delivering gas after all.

So here is what I want for my kit...

  • One large bag that is easy to carry, in case you have to travel far
  • Ziplock bags to store everything, in case it all got soaked.
  • Mess kits for the whole family
  • Those tablet things to drop in water that kill microorganisms and a pitcher filter
  • Dehydrated food that only requires water to cook (about a weeks worth)
  • A good first aid kit with an assortment of medicine in both children's and adult strength and ways of dealing with any minor injuries that might arise
  • Ponchos for the whole family
  • A couple of those tube tents for emergency shelter
  • All weather blankets for the whole family
  • Matches - Lots of them - packed carefully
  • 1 LED flashlight and 1 kinetically rechargeable flashlight
  • A Compass - in case you need to stay off the main roads
  • A small radio
  • Good knife
  • Fold up fishing pole (okay, I maybe going overboard here, but I've already got one and what better way to get some good protein. Of course, Bryon would probably die before eating fish...)
I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things, but there you go. :-D


Vixen said…
I need a kit like that.

YES JERICHO....only 4 days and 8 hours. Not that I am counting.
Vixen said…
OH OH OH, I just found these. They are mini episodes of LOST that weren't in the regular show...awesome go see:
Me said…
So the one that really freaks me out is the one with Vincent! I mean, we're seeing it from Vincent's POV. He's a dog! And he's a dog that doesn't know Jack, but suddenly Jack's father appears to Vincent and says to go get Jack that "he has work to do."

That just totally screws with my understanding of how the island works. I really thought that the island could manipulate your mind to see things that you knew like your father (jack) or brother (mr. eco) but how the heck could Vincent the dog see Jack's dad! And now what's the deal with Charlie appearing off island to Hurley and saying he is "dead but here." What does it mean!!!!??? It's driving me batty! Batty I say!
Vixen said…
Yes, that is the one that totally messed with me...Batty is exactly the word to describe what the show is doing to me. Am I crazy, or didn't the first (possibly beginning of second) season have a lot of twists and turns (questions) but I could kind of follow it and guess? Now I am so batty I have no clue what is going to happen next. And I can't decide if I love that feeling or hate it!!
Me said…
I think I love that feeling! hehe I'm so sick of predictable, and there is NOTHING predictable about lost! :D

Did you notice that there were different pictures on the walls when Miles went up the stairs to do his little ghosty thing than when he came down the stairs??? My best friend is on the lost forums all the time and someone posted a picture. I'm not sure of a link but you could probably find it in google. Talk about weird!

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