Thursday Thirteen #37

Wish me luck today! We're having an ultrasound, hopefully to find out the gender of our little one. So if you would think nice unshy baby thoughts, I'd be grateful!

Inspired by Jenn's Bucket List, I've decided to make a Thursday Thirteen Bucket List of my own. :-D I used to have one of these, but I have since lost it. So here we go…

13 Things Lesley Wants to Do Before She Kicks the Bucket (Hopefully Many, Many, Many Years From Now) :-D

  1. Sky Dive
    That's right my friends I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Bryon's done it. He was a parachute dude in the Queen's Guard. I still think he should have been a diver then he could teach me. Which brings me to my next one…
  2. Learn to Dive
    I want to take all the classes. Everything from regular diving to structure and cave diving. (This one might not be the best of plans for me as I have an insane fear of being trapped in something under water, but hey I'm willing to face my fears, and it sounds fun.)
  3. Take a Horseback Tour through the Countryside of Ireland
    Horses + Ireland = Woohoo!
  4. Drive all of Route 66 in an RV
    No, I wasn't at all influenced in this by the Cars movie…Really!
  5. Water Ski
    I've never been! I've been snow skiing and that was fun.
  6. Sell a Book!
    Okay, more than one! Millions of copies would be ideal. ;)
  7. Restore a Victorian Home
    Hubby just wants to build a Victorian one day, but it's not the same!!!
  8. Learn to Fence
    Well maybe not fence, maybe sword fighting is a better term for it. I don't want to use those tiny little foils. I'm a broadsword kinda girl!
  9. Take a World Cruise
    One of the ones where they don't try to tell you what to do. I don't like being told what to do.
  10. Bungee Jump
    Wouldn't that be fun! If I start to chicken out, someone shove me. K? :-D
  11. Hang Glide
    Yes, lots of the things I'd like to try involve jumping out or off of things, don't they?
  12. Travel Europe (Also by RV) with No Schedule!
    Ah, to be independently wealthy! Guess I'm gonna get all that cash from all of those millions of books I'm going to sell.
  13. Parasail
    Maybe I can do the water related ones on my World Cruise. ;)


Ooh, you've got some nice things on that list. I have no idea what I'd put on mine, really. I've never thought that much about it.
ellen b. said…
You certainly have an adventurous spirit! I hope you get to do many of these. A horse through the countryside in Ireland, sounds wonderful...
Di said…
I've waterskied! My list wouldn't include jumping out of planes...just taking planes to places like South Africa, New Zealand and Prague. said…
Is Route 66 still open? Because, that is something I want to do too, but I heard it's closed.

You will sell a book... I'm sure of it.
damozel said…
Did I ever have that much energy and sense of adventure? My bucket list is all people I'd like to have lunch with. Sigh.


Landscapes & Cityscapes
Bethany said…
It sounds like quite a list!! I have been paragliding, which was awesome, but I want to drive cross country and waterski as well. Ireland was beautiful, even if I wasn't on horseback...and I did backpack through a lot of Europe...but I was a student on a tight budget. You've brought back wonderful memories for me!!
Nicholas said…
I want to Hang glide, sky dive, bungee jump parasail etc but I am prohibited because of spousal decree :(
Birdie said…
Oh #3 and #4 - right up my alley!!!

Happy TT and Happy Vday!
Natalie said…
I've done number 1 on your list...but none of the others. Good luck reaching those goals!
Jenn said…
I'm first in line to help you jump out of the plane and off the bungee platform!!!!!! But I need someone behind me to push me, LOL.
vixensden said…
Seriously #3 is the greatest idea I have ever, ever heard. It is now the first (and only item)on my bucket list! And I am totally with you on #7, I have always wanted to do that (and building is NOT the same).

Thinking very UNshy thoughts and sending them telepathically to baby. (Only three weeks and I get to see the first ultrasound of my son's wee one).
(M)ary said…
wow. i would be happy with a nap. but i support desire to be adventurous. someone's got to do it.

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