Thursday Thirteen #38

13 Random Things I Can See From Where I'm Sitting
I know! So Creative, eh?

  1. Nicky, my two year old, who is sitting on my lap watching Go Diego Go.
  2. My new Gardenia Plant. Hopefully I won't kill it soon.
  3. A bookshelf full of mostly unfinished scrapbooks. Really need to finish Nicky's before the little one gets here. Or at least get it up to date.
  4. The Puppy Computer. Not that he'll play it. He's much to set on sitting on my lap watching Diego at the moment.
  5. A case full of thimbles that belonged to my Granny.
  6. A shelf with the unity candle, framed invitation, goblets, and cake topper from my wedding.
  7. Lots of pictures of Nicky.
  8. A carpet shampooer which I need to use on my rugs. It's out because this weekend we had a slight flood… I walked into the bathroom to check my laundry and stepped into an inch of water that had run out into the living room, the extra bedroom, and the nursery. Good thing we were planning on tearing the carpet out anyway…If you flush my toilet too hard it keeps running, which is annoying but not that big a deal…as long as when you flush a bunch of tissue down you make sure it actually goes down. Now I'm not pointing fingers but the guilty party cleaned it up so at least there is that.
  9. An itty bitty table and chairs with Pooh Bear.
  10. A Mahogany dining table that has two leaves so it closes to be pretty darn small, which fits perfectly in my small house. I got it on Ebay for 75 bucks. I was very proud!
  11. Nicky's Pack N Play which I desperately need to clean out, because it seems to be a toy dumping ground at the moment.
  12. My DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Pads which have not gotten much workout lately…
  13. A big frog that my husband gave me for Valentine's day, but that Nicky has since claimed as his wrestling partner.


Anonymous said…
Great list! I have yet to think of anything. I am hoping something will come to me while it is still Thursday.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like Nicky's taking over -- which is how it should be.

Enjoy Diego... I'm trying to wean #2 from him.
Anonymous said…
You forgot to mention the claws on the feet of that table! :P
Anonymous said…
It is amazing what you can see when you pay attention. We all have our own little worlds.

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