Still More Nesting...

Okay, the next stage of get these nasty carpets out of my house has been completed. The little bedroom, which was formerly the nursery (where my child NEVER slept), now has its new floor. :-D

Bryon patched and sanded and then I laid down the planks yesterday. It looks so much better! The carpet that was in the majority of the house when we moved in was just downright icky! It was stained, and they were the kind of stains that no matter how many times I cleaned them with the shampooer they came back.

Have you ever pulled up carpet? If not, you should try it sometime just so you have some idea of the kind of dirt that resides underneath it. This house wasn't even that old when we moved in. I guess the carpet was about ten years old but there was an ocean of dirt underneath it. It makes you wonder if they just laid it down on a dirty floor but surely not!

So here are my terrible pictures. There wasn't much light when I was taking them.

This one is the in progress pictures...(forgot to do a before)

And here is the after!

Thanks for your help, Bryon! Now you get to move the guest bed in there so you can rip out the carpet in the other room. ;-)


Vixen said…
That floor looks beautiful. Great job. I have pulled up carpet before. It made me sick to my stomach, lol.
oh it looks sooo good! Nice job you guys....if you want some more practise...I could offer a place :)
Me said…
Thanks, Vixen! Isn't it just awful! Makes me never want to have carpet again!

Teachin: Thanks! hehe That's okay i've had more than my share of practice! :-D

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