It's a Boy!

Well according to the lady at ultrasound place, we're having a little boy. I'll have to admit I didn't see any really fabulous evidence either way. I'm not 100% convinced that what she showed us was in fact a wee wee, but she did check to make sure there wasn't major blood flow through it which would indicate that it was the cord. We're having our official ultrasound in about two weeks so hopefully I'll get a better view then. Until then I'm not going to be buying any new boy stuff. Not that we don't have plenty of boy stuff left over from Nicky.

We don't have a middle name picked out yet, but his first name (assuming the ultrasound lady was right) will be Finn. (Looks like I need to go rename a character in one of my books... :-D)

I went through all Nicky's little clothes this weekend and separated them into sizing and checked for stains. My husband didn't understand why I refused to put my second child in anything that was stained. He argued that they would be great for sleeping in. Well, I'm sorry. Hand me down is one thing, but stained hand me down? I would feel like a bad mommy! "Here ya go, Finn. Don't mind that Spaghetti stain on the shirt. We didn't think it would bother you." I can just see him taking his baby photo album to the shrink one day as proof that his mommy really didn't love him as much as his big brother! When in fact they will be loved completely equally!


Vixen said…
Finn is a totally awesome name. My son says if his is a boy they are going to name him Colin...which is what I wanted to name my son and somehow got talked out of. I think that is so sweet.
Me said…
Thanks! I love the name! Aww that is so sweet! What a good boy you have. :-D Colin is a great name!
Jenn said…
You mean I have to wait two more weeks to decide whether to buy pink or blue dragon stuff??? hehehe

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