Ants in my Pants!!!

Okay! Now they weren't actually in my pants. So you think where might they actually have been? Well let me tell you!

I don't get to ride my scooter very often much to my dismay. So whenever I have the opportunity naturally I take it. This weekend my darling husband and I decided to have Mexican from the place that is just about 3 miles down the road from our house. So I thought...Perfect!!! I'll make him watch Nicky and I'll go pick it up, then I'll get to take a nice refreshing scoot around the neighborhood. If only I had known!

I saw an ant on the leg shield of my scooter, but I didn't think much of it. I seem to live in the ant capital of world. It's a constant battle to keep them out of the house. So I brushed little Miss. Ant off and opened up the helmet storage under the seat, took out my helmet, and went on my merry way.

Remember always wear your helmet!

Nicky agrees...

Yes, that WAS just a blatant excuse to show you my adorable boy!

So I put on my helmet closed the compartment and hopped on my scooter. It was a lovely ride on the way there. Absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary. I went inside picked up my fajitas and headed out to my scooter. Now scooters don't have the best storage for food in the world, but in this case the helmet compartment would have been absolutely perfect for the size of what we'd ordered. So I popped the lid and looked down into the compartment. There were like 5 ants crawling on my Scooter Seat Cover, which I hadn't put back on after I took it off to protect it from the rain. I really MUST get a carport!

So I lifted up the seat cover and the owners manual at the bottom of the compartment and what I found underneath will haunt me for the rest of my life!!! There was a colony of ants!!! Now I don't just mean that there were a bunch of ants! That would have been bad enough! No, there was a freaking colony! Complete with little baby ant larva!!! I don't think I've ever been so disturbed in my life!

I got my glove and started trying to wipe all the ants and larva out of there and had almost all of them out when I looked over at my tail light. *Shudders* Now I don't know if they'd been living in there or they picked up their little ant babies and made a break for it and that is where they ended up, but I could see all these little black things (ants) and white things (larva) moving around underneath the plastic of the tail light!!! I thought I would die. I couldn't get in there to get them out without a screwdriver, and I had to get home! So I tied the handles of my bag with my food together and hung it from my handlebar. Which if you have never not a fun way to ride a scooter! However I couldn't exactly put my food where I'd planed on putting it, because while I'm all about protein in my diet ants floating in my cheese dip is just really not what I'm going for!

I did make it home with our dinner intact. I must say however that my appetite was not what it was before I'd left to pick it up!

I still haven't been brave enough to go conquer the colony living in my poor, sweet little scooter.
*Peeks out the back door at it and shudders* I promise I'll get you all cleaned up soon, baby!!!


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