Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things Lesley Needs to Get Done

1. Make A LOT of royal icing violets for a birthday cake

My best friend's baby girl is turning two. *insert heartfelt awwww here* She's having cupcakes with icing flowers. :D I'm the resident cake geek so I volunteered to make the flowers. I finally managed to gather up all the stuff I need! My supplies have become somewhat unorganized since my little guy thinks that they are his personal toys.

2. Clean the whole house

This needs to be done anyway, but my best friends are coming over to aid me tonight in the flower creation.

3. Weed the Rose beds

I actually have my first rose of the year finally! It's not the color it was on the label...but oh well it's still pretty.

4. Finish the chapter I'm working on in Fiona

I have my doubts that this will happen with the munchkin running rampant.

5. Feed my pet crow

Okay, he isn't really my pet, but an ADORABLE little bitty crow comes to my bird feeder and eats everyday. In fact between him and the others they empty it once a day!

6. Mow

I'm not actually allowed to do this myself. Bryon has some sort of macho belief that only the man should do the mowing... Whatever, as long as it gets done!

7. Weed Eat

I do this because otherwise he chops down flowers and baby bushes that I spent hours planting. He'd do that mowing too but I've marked them all with big neon flags now. I'm telling you, those flags are one sexy fashion statement for my yard! One step below giant pink flamingos!

8. Change the cat litter

Ugh! I've seriously considered getting pregnant again just to avoid this job. hehe Okay not really!

9. Read approximately 15 books and play about 500 games with my son!

What can I say, he loves his mommy. I think he must have sensed me write that because he just brought me The Cat in the Hat.

10. Clean up the piles of fabric lying on the floor of our spare bedroom.

I was trying to find some fabric I wanted the other day and I pretty much tossed my collection of unused fabrics all over the room.

11. Remove all the rocks from the pasture so it can be mowed.

ROFLMAO Yeah, like this is going to ever happen! We have a field that is about an acre, and the people who lived here before had like four horses on it. I don't know if you know anything about horses but let's just say that is TOO MANY horses on one acre. They ate everything living out there including the bark from the trees most of which have died. I live in the mountains and when water runs over ground with nothing growing on it you get top soil erosion. What's under the top soil? GIANT BOULDERS and various little rocks! Well at least I'll never have to buy rocks for landscaping. :D

12. Cut Down the aforementioned dead trees

13. Post my Thursday Thirteen

And promise myself that I won't go another ENTIRE week without posting a single thing on my blog.

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Rene Lyons said…
If I didn't wear prgnency so badly, I'd consider gettingknocked up to avoid the cat litter myself. lol

And thanks for the dick washing tips. ..........Not that you've ever done it yourself. lmao
Me said…
Rene: *giggles* "dick washing tip" that was the most amusing typo I think I've ever read! I know what you mean about pregnancy! Oy! I plan on having one or two more but being pregnant SUX!
Rhian said…
okay - i'm totally jealous of your "pet" crow. I have a murder that hangs out here but they never come in real close, just hang around on the roof yelling at me. Even that little bit i'm grateful for!
Me said…
Rhian: I LOVE crows! They are adorable! Especially my little guy! I never expected one to eat from the feeder. Now if it's empty he sits on the power line and talks to me until I remedy the situation. :)
Kat said…
I had my son 3 yrs ago and some how I still haven't changed the cat box...don't remind my husband. lol
Anonymous said…
I wish I could create violets and stuff for decorating cakes, but alas, I'm happy to have the cake not stick to the pan, lol

Anonymous said…
Great list!! Awesome on the "pet" crow! We (well, michelle) have squirrels who hang out and eat peanuts we leave on one of the trees.

Me said…
KitKat: I managed to convince him that it would be very dangerous to change it while I was nursing too. ;) He's actually only given me the task back recently. hehe

Michelle: Ugh sticking cakes are soooo frustrating!!! The icing flowers are actually easier. You screw up one you can just toss it and move on.
Christine d'Abo said…
I love to mow the lawn! My husband has no problem letting me do it either. ;)

The men in our neighbourhood have a fit though. It's really funny to wave at them as they pass by when I'm out there. They look scared!
Lauren Dane said…
LOL! When I got pregnant the first time my husband took over the cat litter duty and I never took it back.
Yeah, getting pregnant just to avoid the kitty litter is a bit drastic. Then again, so are your neon flags; your poor husband! It must be hard to try to mow that shrub...


Happy TT. Thanks for visiting and happy writing!
Dana said…
My roses changed colors from last year. Not really sure what that means...

good luck getting everything done!
Me said…
M&M: Squirrels are cute too. We don't have very many right here. I think they like the woods better.

Christine: I do too! He'll occasionally let me push mow, but I'm not allowed on the new lawn tractor. LOL

Lauren: Good for you!!!
Me said…
Susan: He deserves a little difficulty in his life. ;) I'm a much too easily pleased wife. *chokes a bit on that last part*

Dana: Wow, that is odd! I've never heard of that happening, but then I'm no expert. hehe
scooper said…
It's amazing how good you get at creating cakes/cup cakes when it comes to kids B-days.
Douglas Cootey said…
Wow! Did you get ALL that done before you posted your Thursday Thirteen? I'm super impressed! :D

Good luck with your writing.

Please visit my Thursday Thirteen

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Me said…
Scooper: It sure is! I've been into cake decorating for some time. I even made a couple of wedding cakes. I just love it! Which is funny because I don't particularly like to eat cake. hehe

Douglas: Heck no! I didn't even get most of them done today! hehe
Miss Frou Frou said…
What a great TT - I hate cleaning the cat litter...
Tink said…
I hope you did everything you wanted to do! Thanks for visiting my Google TT; sorry I'm this late in responding!

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