Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen of my Favorite Movies

1. Hook

What's more beautiful than the idea that Peter Pan gave up the childhood he clung to for so long because he fell in love?

2. Joe Versus the Volcano

It's so absolutely weird but somehow it works!

3. Shrek
4. Shrek 2

Oh come on! Who doesn't love these movies? I can't wait to see the third one.

5. Sean of the Dead

This movie is the perfect balance between creepiness and humor! If you haven't seen it then do!

6. Legally Blond
7. Legally Blond 2

I secretly want to be Elle Wood!!! Pink is my signature color too!

8. The Little Mermaid

This is one of the first movies I obsessed over. I had the soundtrack and still know every word to every song. Plus Eric was one of the first storybook princes that I saw who actually had a personality! Not to mention a name!

9. Interview with the Vampire

Oh, how I love Anne Rice. They did such a great job with this movie. We won't even discuss Queen of the Damned though. *shudders*

10.Beauty and the Beast

Aww what woman doesn't have a soft spot for the Beast!


Okay while one half of me wants to be Elle Wood, the other half wants to be this uber hot chick in the leather corset!

12.The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

You know you all love this movie!

13.Baby Shakespeare

Ahh...this is the reason I don't have dishes piled to the ceiling EVERY day. :D This stuff is baby crack!

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ravaj said…
i thought sean of the dead would be really awful and then my mother said that actually i'd really like it so i just bought the dvd but have not watched it yet!

happy tt
Michelle Hasker said…
Baby Einstein videos are exactly that. I have every DVD and let me tell you, they are worth every cent. LOL

Me said…
Ravaj: You should watch it! Its a great movie. I thought it would be awful too. I didn't even want to watch it until my husband made me.

Michelle: Ah, Baby Einstein! *sighes* We have three but Shakespeare is by far his favorite.
Rhian said…
i loved Sean of the Dead!
Kat said…
I LOVE # 2! Happy TT!
Dana said…
I can't wait for Shrek 3 to come out either. Seriously thinking about skipping out on work tomorrow to go!
LOL I agree with most of those. Great List.

Tink said…
I don't know 13 (will have to check it out), but I'm with you on the others!
Thanks for visiting my detective TT.
Me said…
Rhian: Isn't it great! I've got my dvd out ready to watch whenever I can get a spare moment when the munchkin is asleep!

KitKat: yay! I'm glad someone else does! Most people I know don't appreciate the fabulousness of that movie!

Dana: I hope you got to see it! We are planning on going to see an early showing in a week or so with the little guy. Wish me luck that I won't have to run out with a screaming toddler!

Aline: Thanks for Visiting!

Tink: If you have kids then they are amazing! If you don't have kids then they are quite possibly the most boring thing on the face of creation!
Red Garnier said…
Sounds like you're a busy lady, Leslie. If I had to do all that I think it'd take me a year, lol

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