Much Whining!

You were warned...

I have gotten virtually no writing done in days. I've been feeling sickly and exhausted and apparently that kills whatever creativity I have because I'm just meandering through the chapter I'm trying to work on. If I'm not enjoying writing it, who is is going to enjoy reading it! This is probably going to require some major rewrites.

Of course, some things I've written that while I was writing I thought "Jeez this is pure and utter crapola" that actually turned out to be the best scenes in the book. So we shall see. I am looking forward to getting back to something that makes me giggle riotously while writing it or at least shiver in fear!

I'm also terribly distracted!

I just figured out how to read e-books on my Axim, and it's practically like reading a real book! Although it doesn't have that new book smell. ;) Right now I'm reading Daystar by Rene Lyons. It's great!

Not to mention that I found the blog of Daisy Dexter Dobbs and now I must go back and read every post she has ever written cause she cracks me the heck up! She's a woman after my own heart in SO many ways!


Thank you, Lesley! I appreciate your kind words. :-D

There are definitely those times when we writers just don’t feel like writing and we need to regroup. Nothing wrong with that. Later, when we get back to writing, we usually feel rejuvenated, which is evidenced in our writing.

When I’m not feeling well or when I’m stressed or overtired, my writing and artwork definitely show it. I used to scrap anything I created during those times but now I save it all in a special folder on my computer. I’ve learned that what I might think is crap usually isn’t. It’s just different than what I normally write. I’ve ended up using some of those less humorous writings for various secondary characters in my books.
Me said…
Daisy: Anytime! Your blog is now a permanent bookmark in my Firefox, and all your books have been added to my To Be Read list! If they are half as funny as your blog, I'm sure I'll embarrass myself royally if I read them in public!

I'm feeling quite rejuvenated! That bag of pink M&Ms I inhaled this weekend sure didn't hurt the healing process. ;D

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