The Invasion is in Full Swing

Once a year the university campus where I work is a place you want to avoid at all cost as it is host to droves of associates and shareholders in the largest retailer in the world. Now don't get me wrong, the people are always very nice, but the traffic is awful!!! Not to mention that there is something about moving in large numbers that seems to make people believe that they don't have to get out of the middle of the road. I was driving into a parking space and a couple of ladies walked into it when I was halfway parked and stood there. I mean just stood there. What would make you think that was a good idea? There was no one else driving nearby. They could simply have walked into the next parking spot. Did I mention that the parking lot for my office is RIGHT next to the giant temple that they erected. Ok, it's not a temple, but it might as well be the way the people flock to it in worship.

Really. It's not that bad. It's not! I'm going to keep saying that until I believe it.

Now I like meeting people from all over the world, and this is an excellent opportunity. It's just that I'm bitter! I'm very bitter!

See it all started a few years ago...

Jewel came to the shareholders meeting, but you had to be a shareholder to see her concert. Ok, I really liked Jewel, but that wasn't the culmination of my bitterness. That didn't happen until just two years ago.

I was pregnant and grumpy anyway which naturally added to my annoyance. My favorite singer of all time came to perform. Jimmy Buffett! Yes, I'm a Parrothead, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! This time it wasn't even for shareholders it was for only the associates!!! So I thought, "That's okay. I'll go sit outside and listen to it since it was in the football stadium. It's not like I didn't buy a ticket, and I am just mooching. If I had been able to buy a ticket there would have been moolah shelled out!!!" So I drag my husband and my pregnant self up to campus and go to sit outside, but they won't let anyone sit near enough to the stadium to actually hear it! I mean what on earth was I hurting by sitting outside??? There was much whining and pouting! There is in fact much whining and pouting to this day.

This year they are kicking me in the face again by having another associates-only concert with my second favorite band, The Eagles. People like this don't come here!!! If they are already here why don't they have another concert and sell tickets for those of us who are unworthy enough to work for the world's largest retailer!

At least they seem to be trying to ply gain the good graces of the public this year. They had a couple of free concerts. Someone named Freak-Boy was here last night. My best friend's little sister went. Apparently this is some big popular band that I have NEVER heard of. I feel so old! And the other free concert...Cool and the Gang and Holland Oats. Wow! That's great. No, there was no sarcasm in my voice just then. Really. There wasn't.

I'm going to go sit in a corner and pout now and remember how great the Eagles concert I went to TEN years ago was. Did I mention that was the LAST concert I went to! At all!


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