Will Write for Expensive Perfumes

Oh my friends, I have an illness. It comes upon me once in a while and nothing will make it better save on thing! What is it? I'm addicted to Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs Perfumes!!!

It's come upon me again! I'm craving some new scents!

My absolute favorite one is Samhain! It's one of their limited edition scents so watch for it right before...yup, you guessed it, Samhain. That's Halloween for you muggles out there. ;)

Another favorite, which needs replenishing, is Anne Bonny. It's named after a famous lady pirate. No, my love of it has absolutely nothing to do with my intense desire to be a pirate that I've had since LONG before the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were even a glimmer in anyone's eye. Really! That's not why! Ok, maybe a little.

I'm descended from a French pirate, you know? At least the family story says he was a pirate, and his painting was allegedly hanging on the wall of pirates at the New Orleans museum in the French Quarter. Captain Rousseau! I really must do some research into him and find out if that story has any basis in fact. :D

So anyway! If you've never tried Black Phoenix perfume and you have a bit of a goth and/or hippie side, you really must check them out!


Carolan Ivey said…
A friend of mind gave me handful of her imps from BP last year. I loved every single one!
Me said…
Isn't it wonderful! I love it!!! *goes to put on some more*

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