Flashbacks Complete with Waynes World Wiggly Fingers

OK, perhaps not... but Flashbacks nonetheless.

I've been struggling making my main characters history work in Fiona O'Sithein, but I think I've found a way. Their relationship started in Arianna Penndragon, but there is verrrrrrry little mention of it. It naturally greatly effects their current relationship, and I was trying to figure out the best way to do it. I've been working with them both just remembering things, but it didn't have nearly the umph that it needed. So I'm moving on to full on flashbacks. Queue the wiggly screen and weird music here.

Yeah, this is gonna work great! Now I just have to decide when they'll be remembering what! This should be fun! Muhaha! I'm totally going to screw with Beltran's head!


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