Passports are a Pain!

It's so complicated and costs too much and takes TOO long! Why does it take so long? In Denmark my husband could just go to the police station and take his application and he got one the same day. Is it because they have to do lots of background checks or something?

Bryon, Nicky and I are going to Denmark this fall. We're leaving September 16th. Let's just hope that I get Nicky's passport back by then! Isn't it adorable that he has to have a passport! Well except for the whole having to apply for it. And that his passport will say he is 2 feet tall! *giggles uncontrollably* That is just too cute!

We're taking him tomorrow to get his passport picture taken. That should be fun. Getting a 20 month old to stand still long enough to snap a picture... Ugh... Well wish me luck!!!


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