We Invested in More Baby Crack

Baby Crack is how I refer to Baby Einstein DVDs. I don't know if you've experienced them yet. They have little puppets, toys, classical, music, some have poetry. The only one we had until now as Baby Shakespeare. Hey I'm a writer, which one did you expect me to buy?

After about the 1 millionth time my son shouted BARD (Bard is the name of the poetic dragon who hosts Baby Shakespeare) at the top of his lungs pointing at the TV and then forced me to endure it again, I knew that it was time to buy some new ones. So we now are the proud new owners of Baby Noah - Animal Expedition and Baby Einstein - Language Nursery. He loves the animal one, but is not completely entranced by the language nursery one. It's neat though. It has like 6 different languages on it to expose children to different languages before they lose their ability to mimic any sound. It supposed to make learning languages later easier.

At least I have more variety in the crazy films I'm forced to watch now. hehe


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