Ants in my Pants Update


The uprising has been put down, but I think I'm permanently damaged from it. If you don't know about the original incident then by all means go read up. It was truly and absolutely horrific!

So I finally got up the courage to give the scooter a nice detailing. The first thing I did was unscrew the taillight cover. *cringes in horror at the sheer memory of it* And a mass of wiggling squirming ants and larva fell out. It looked something like this...

I have a video too, but I don't want to shock and horrify anyone that throughly. I thought I would die! In fact, I was much too traumatized to continue. So I screwed the cover halfway back on and ran away. Yes, I fled like a scared little girl!

Sometimes you gotta run! Hush! Living to fight another day and all!

This worked to my advantage, however, because the next day when I went back to finish all the ants had abandoned their posts and taken their creepy, little larva with them.

So in the end I conquered! After two retreats, I won the war!


Anonymous said…
That is horrible. We live in a very sandy area, so the ants just come marching in. Last summer, in about an hours span, they all hatched into flying ants. We had never seen anything like it. It was like a plague; they just kept coming out of the holes and probably 90% died all over our vehicles and walks and absolutely everything. In an hour they were gone, except the dead ones.
Anonymous said…
Dawn: ACK! That's awful! There was a time of year when we lived in Copenhagen where there were flying ants all over everything! Talk about creepy! I HATE ants!!!

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