Superfluous Fluff

Ugh! I'm working on Dana of the Whispering Wood. I wrote the rough draft going on five years ago, and I've edited it alot since then. Still I'm having to do some major cutting. It was too long anyway, but for some reason when I wrote it I felt the need to put in all this superfluous fluff! It slows the story down terribly. I've already cut about 1500 words, and I'm sure it'll be alot more before I'm done. And contractions! What the heck was my problem with contractions! I still have trouble putting in contractions to this day, but at least now I can usually catch it in the editing. I think I must have written too many research papers in my life. hehe

Also Dana's personality is so incredibly different than Fiona's. I guess I've got Fiona on the brain since I just finished writing her book. The whole tone of how she deals with things is different. Every time someone bosses her around or is rude to her, I want her to put the smack down on them! That's what Fiona would do! That is just not how Dana works. I'm having to get back inside her head.

Which I should be doing right now instead of blogging! :D So I'm off to do that.


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