Do you prefer them Long or Short?

No, you naughty, naughty person! That is not what I was talking about!

I mean chapters. Do you like it when there are lots of different scenes in a chapter and have it last maybe thirty pages or would you prefer that the chapters only have one or two scenes and are shorter.

I'm torn now. I used to like long chapters, but now I think I like short. I don't have a great deal of time to read so I love to be able to read a quick chapter and move on to all the other things I do in life. They also seem to make the book move faster for me somehow.

I ask because I'm editing Dana and making huge changes, and I'm seriously considering breaking up the chapters. I think it would pick up the pace some and that's really what I'm working on now.

Well anyway. I'm off to slice and dice my novel. ;)

Happy Summer Solstice!!!


dawn said…
I like shorter chapters myself. I don't read as many books as I should, for that reason. I usually read magazines because I read before bed and sometimes I don't get through the page without falling asleep.
Me said…
I know the feeling! Seems like I'm asleep before I can close my laptop some nights! Thanks for the input!
Jenn said…
I like chapters short if I'm trying to finish just one more before I go to sleep, but long when it's early on Saturday and I have nothing better to do than curl up with a book :)

But truthfully, it totally depends on whether or not you finish what's currently going on in that chapter. There's nothing worse than trying to finish a chapter and get something done and then find they split the action over two chapters, and there's NO WAY you're gonna stop in the middle!

yeah, yeah, I read your blogs all at once :P
Me said…
Jenn, you don't like cliffhanger chapters??? I do... Sort of... It keeps you reading but sometimes you've gotta stop to do something else. Darn real world!

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