Good Grief!!!

So, a little over a month ago, I found an tick on me. I have no idea how long it was on there, because it was in a spot that I can't see unless looking in the mirror. So this morning I noticed a big, red circle around where the bite had been.

Now I've been feeling kinda tired and having alot of headaches lately, but I have headaches often. I always have. And I'm the mother of a toddler. Of course I'm tired!

Well anyway I googled it...

That is one of the first symptoms of Lyme Disease.

So I went to the weekend clinic across town and sure enough! I have Lyme Disease. The doctor didn't seem terribly concerned though. It's actually pretty common around here because we have so many ticks. The doctor had even had it. I'm going to be taking antibiotics for two weeks though. Oh joy of joys!

Okay, I just had to get my whining out! Off to clean the house!!!


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