Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things that take My Breath Away

1. This little Guy...

Need I say More?

2. Eden Falls at the Lost Valley

This picture doesn't even remotely do it justice. The first time I saw Eden Falls was in the middle of the summer after a big rain storm so there was water absolutely gushing from it! It made getting into the cave at the top somewhat more difficult than usual, but it was absolutely beautiful. I had never seen anywhere like it in my life. I thought places like that only existed in wall calenders!

3. The Ocean

The vastness of it. The sound of the waves. The smell of it. That humid, cool wind that blows off it. The way it moves. Pretty much everything about it!

*Lesley desperately needs a trip to the beach*

4. The Ozark Mountains

My home! The very first time I came here I just knew this was where I wanted to be. I grew up on the delta with nothing but rice fields and flat land as far as the eye can see. There is a place on the drive up the mountain where you come around a curve and the view just opens up over a huge valley ringed with mountains. In the fall it's like looking down on a patchwork quilt! So gorgeous!

5. Snow

I'm cursed. No matter where I am the snow avoids me. I lived in Denmark for three years, and there was only one good snow the entire time. The month after I moved...there was a snow storm so bad they had to shut down all the trains. Well when it does snow I absolutely love it. There's something about snow that makes the world just seem so much more peaceful.

6. Ice Storms

Yes, I know that they cause a lot of damage and make things really dangerous, but have you ever gone to sleep one night and woken up to see this?

It's like the entire world is coating in glitter! And when the wind blows! It's amazing just like there are a million wind chimes.

7. Thunderstorms

I absolutely love them, and we've been somewhat neglected this year. They keep coming right to the edge of the mountains and evaporating into nothing. Now I don't like tornadoes, and they are a threat here, but a good strong thunderstorm that shakes the house and pelts the windows with rain is just lovely.

8. Castles

I love them. They feel like walking into history. This particular one is Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. It's home to the Queen's Royal guard. My husband lived here for a while when he was in the guard.

9. Roses

They are so beautiful, and they smell so good. I've threatened to turn our field into a rose maze. I can't seem to stop buying them! When I see them on sale I just have to have another!

10. Riding My Scooter

There is just something about riding down the road with the wind in your face. Ahh... I love it!

11. Sunsets

My favorite color is pink. Now how could I resist it when the entire sky turns that color!!!

12. Lost

Yes, the show. It makes me gasp at least fifteen times an episode!

13. Did I mention this little guy?

He's definitely worth mentioning twice.

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Anonymous said…
Great list!!! Happy first day of Summer:)
Anonymous said…
Your little one is a sweetie! If you want snow you need to come visit us in Canada. We get enough to fill your boots...and a whole lot more. :)
Anonymous said…
Your little sweetie is GORGEOUS, Lesley! And ooh, what beautiful TT. We forget to really "notice" what takes our breath away sometimes, don't we? I loved this... =)
Anonymous said…
Loved this wistful, lovely TT, Lesley. Just beautiful. And your little one is an absolute doll! :-)
Anonymous said…
Yep, he's adorable, all right. In fact, I agree with you about all of it except maybe Lost. Not that I don't agree so much as I have watched it maybe once. Liked it well enough, but didn't get hooked.

Happy TT! I'm glad to see you dropped by!
Anonymous said…
I love the list. I may borrow it sometime in the future (not the same things, but the topic).

Happy TT'ing
Anonymous said…
Great list, Lesley!
Anonymous said…
Wow - your husband lived in a Danish castle. That is coolness in the extreme. And I'm a huge rose freak, as well as an ocean girl. Nice list!
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on the thunderstorms.
Anonymous said…
Lori: Happy first day of Summer to you too!

Christine: Thanks! I might just have to take you up on that! Surely my anti-snow curse couldn't combat Canadian snow. Or could it... I'd really hate to help global warming along. hehehe

Red: Thanks! We sure think so! Especially when he's sleeping instead of trying to destroy things. :D I try to remind myself to stop and smell the roses whenever possible. Of course sometimes that's difficult.

Daisy: Thanks! It was fun to write! hehe He has his moments! Mostly when he's caught still on camera instead of chasing the puppies around with a Little Tykes hammer...

Susan: My husband is losing that loving feeling for Lost too! I still adore it though!

Lisa: Feel free. I snitch topic ideas all the time. ;)

NJ: Thanks! Happy TT!

Julia: Yup, for a while. It's really a beautiful one too! *whispers* He even wore one of those big fuzzy hats. ;) Unfortunately I think he must have destroyed all photographic evidence!

Ann: Aren't they just delightful!?
Anonymous said…
He is adorable! :) thank you for stopping by my TT.
Anonymous said…
Great list, cute pictures of your boy. Happy Solstice!
Anonymous said…
He definitely is a cutie. Great list!
Anonymous said…
hehe Hey Lesely miss me?

LOved the list and agree with quite a few of those things.

Anonymous said…
I don't have 1 (and 13, cuuuute), but otherwise this could be my list! I'm glad I live near the beach. :-)
Thanks for visiting my Litha TT!
Anonymous said…
Great list.
Anonymous said…
this was so sweet and your little one is a cutie pie! I lived in the Ozarks when i was nine in a teeny tiny town smack dab in the middle of nowwhere. It was gorgeous there. The people were a little odd though. But that may have been because they were ALL related.
Anonymous said…
Awwww I barely got by #1, what a little DOLL!! Great TT.
Anonymous said…
I heard those wind chimes in that movie, Ice Storm. Ever since, I've wanted to hear them in person. So cool!

We get tons of snow, though. I wish I could send it to you!

Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
Lady Rose: Thanks! He's a sweetie!

Ann: Happy Solstice to you too!

Shelley: Thanks!

Aline: Of course, I have! Great to have you back!!!

Tink: Aren't beaches just scrumptious! Man I need a beach! *shouts to anyone who might have heard that* That doesn't mean that I want global warming to cause the oceans to rise to northwest Arkansas! But I would be totally okay with it if they built us a waterpark!

Angeleque: Thanks for visiting!

Rhian: Oh, now I'm curious where you were! :) I'm glad I don't live in a small town. They're great if you are part of societies preconceived notion of the norm, but've read my TT's. :D

Joy: Hehe Thanks!

Spy: I'd take it! Send it down my way!
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a wonderful TT. I am with you on just about every one, even the little guy. How adorable. I just bought some roses on sale, pink is my favourite colour, I have always had a fascination with the ocean, and waterfalls; well, I won't go on.
Anonymous said…
Dawn: Pink's my favorite color too! I love it! Seems like everything I own is pink.
Anonymous said…
great list!

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