Pretty and Fat are NOT Mutally Exclusive

I just have short rant about a phrase that I heard fairly often early in my life, and unfortunately I still hear ringing in my ears every single time I look in the mirror.

That phrase is (and if you've ever had a weight problem, I'm sure someone has said it to you at some point, so feel free to join in):

"You'd be so pretty if you just lost some weight."


WTFH!!! Why would anyone say that to someone!?

You know what that says? That says that no matter how incredibly gorgeous your face is you're still ugly because of the size of your butt.

Now perhaps what these people were trying to get across was that my beauty could have been enhanced if I slimmed down a bit. You know, I would kill to be as "fat" as I was back then. In fact, when I look back at pictures of that time, I was pretty dang hot. Yet every time I looked in the mirror, I saw a big fat sow. Why was that? Because people were saying things to me like, "You'd be so pretty if you just lost some weight."

Well, I'm here to say that the people who said that to me can just bite me! Fat and pretty do not cancel each other out! You can be a curvaceous, chunky, or even all out fat woman and still be beautiful!


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