Thursday Thirteen #11

13 Things Lesley Needs

Yes, I'm jumping on the band wagon and playing the "Lesley needs" Google game. :-D I'm not feeling terribly inspired this week.

1. "lesley needs laughs to power her hoverfleet."

Wow! I didn't even know I had a Hoverfleet! That's awesome!

2. "Lesley needs 2 stop fancying herself and then she could actually b nice!"

Actually I don't fancy myself all that much! And I am nice! ...well most of the least I try to be...oh hush!

3. "Lesley needs to learn to choose her words carefully"

Yeah, I sure do!

4. "lesley Needs Our Prayers Desperately"

I'll take all the help I can get!

5. "Lesley needs money ya'll, Jaycat spent all her's on porn..."

Dang it, Jaycat! What did I tell you about using my credit card to buy porn?"

6. "Lesley needs to die a horrible death the fat b****!"

Ummmmmm! POUTS

7. "Lesley needs glasses..."

Sure can't see without them!

8. "Lesley needs more activity and the state is paying to assign a staff member to her on a one to one basis every day for a couple hours."

I didn't know the state was concerned!

9. "Lesley needs a reality check i think Nicky was given a bit of a hard time last night"

I'm a fiction writer... Of course I need a reality check! On a regular basis! *looks at her toddler Nicky* No, no! He's giving me a hard time tonight! Sleep!!!

10. "Lesley needs to remember whom she’s lunching with so she can dress appropriately"

Yes, I know I'm a fashion victim!

11. "Lesley needs the space because of its continuing undergraduate and graduate program growth."

Holy cow, I'm an institution!

12. "Lesley needs to keep her opinions in her head, instead she keeps saying the same things over again."

Yeah, sometimes I have trouble keeping my opinions in my head, but if I did what would I blog about?

13. "Lesley needs to do 5000 more squats before she's ready to wear a miniskirt."

I'm not going to argue this point...

What did I learn from this? There is someone named Lesley on the UK version of Big Brother and EVERYONE hates her!

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That's a LOT of squats. Man, you'll have strong legs by the time you're done! (and it might be habit-forming, too!)

As for the porn, I hope that friend of yours bought it all at Lyric's shop! (Yeah, okay, so Lyric's shop is fictional. No wonder she could use the business, huh?)

Always glad to see you at West of Mars. Come back more often!
Rhian said…
"Lesley needs money ya'll, Jaycat spent all her's on porn..."
Lesley needs to remind Jaycat that EROTICA is NOT porn....

These were great!
Lori said…
LOL....loved your list!!Happy TT.
Lori said…
I just got my link up if you want to come back and link up:)
Ann said…
Great list. I tried my name once, and all I got were comments about Ann Coulter (shudder). Happy TT.
I love 5! I need to play this game...
Christine d'Abo said…
LOL these crack me up. I need to try this one week for TT. Great list.
Great list! :D Too funny!
LOL, I love those lists!
Becka said…
Amusing list. I gotta remember to do this for my list one of these days! LOL

Rene Lyons said…
I need to choose my words more carefully as well. lol
Shelley Munro said…
Those squats sound like a mission! Loved your list ;)
Dang, that's some harsh comments! Maybe I don't want to do this kind of meme... Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Ciar Cullen said…
There was a catch to my post. TAG. You have to do the same. One question, one answer ;o) I dare you.
Lisa Andel said…
I'm envying your hoverfleet. I could see having that. ;)
Shannon Stacey said…
I don't have a Hoverfleet. *pouts* That sounds awesome! *g*
Tink said…
*LOL* I played a few weeks ago and your answers are hilarious as mine! :-)
Thanks for visiting my random TT.
another Lesley said…
Just had to come say hello to another Lesley - spelled the CORRECT way, heh. I was googling "Lesley needs" after seeing the game on a couple other blogs. Yours was one of the first to come up.

My favorite was 'Lesley needs to choose her words carefully' - and how!

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