The Craziest Kitty on Earth

I have to say that I have probably the strangest cat on Earth. Her name is Aine. Yes, I named her after the fairy queen in Celtic mythology. Yes, I'm completely aware of just how geeky that is. I won't mention my dog named Fippy. Yes, Fippy like Fippy Darkpaw from Everquest.

Now why you might ask is my cat the Craziest Kitty on Earth. For an assortment of reasons actually. She goes through slightly schizophrenic episodes where she can be completely loving with a stranger and then suddenly go berserk. Just ask my best friend's husband... She was snuggling on his shoulder one day, and for no apparent reason...HISS, GROWL, SWAT! I think she even left his cheek bleeding. It was terribly embarrassing. Now she never does this with me. Being part Siamese she is a one Mommy kinda kitty so I'm sure that is why, but good grief!

I'm bringing this up now because she has been spinning around chasing her tail for about the last ten minutes... I have NEVER seen a cat chase its own tail! I thought they were too smart to do that! Apparently, at least in my little Aine's case that is a big negative!

Oh well she may be a little dumb and a little schizo, but I love her!


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