Nature Has Turned on Me!

Okay, so first there was the ant thing. Then there was the cleaning up of the ant thing. Then there was the Tick bite of DOOM.

Well another thing I didn't mention was what happened Friday at the lake.

Lishy and I took the little ones to the lake Friday afternoon to go for a swim. Now neither of us are big on lake swimming. We both like bodies of water that you can see your feet in, i.e. mountain streams, the Caribbean sea, pools, that kind of thing...

Well we sucked it up and got in, after a little screaming and crying and hissy fit throwing. And that was just me. We won't go in to how the toddlers reacted.

So when we finally managed to get everyone in we were just sitting there chilling on the little wall that is next to the water while the little ones splashed relatively happily. Someone said, "Is that a snake," and was looking into the water about twenty feet down from us. I was thinking. Silly city folk! It's probably just a branch floating in the water.

Well Lishy starts scrambling and says something like, "Snake coming this way."

So I look out and see this little brown and red stripped snake swimming directly toward me and Nicholai. Naturally my first reaction is to toss the toddler. I yank him up and toss him out of the water and onto dry land, somehow doing this crazy Kung Fu movie roll so that we're both out of the water and I'm on my feet with him in my arms in about half a second. Which is saying alot for me! I'm not an agile girl!

Naturally I have to try to figure out what this snake that was trying to attack my little boy was so since it can't get over the wall I go look look at it. I have established that it was either a Midland Water Snake which is completely harmless or a juvenile Cottonmouth which is pretty darn poisonous.

For my sanity I've decided to believe that it was a Midland Water Snake. :-D

It was actually pretty amusing after that, because a group of approximately twenty kids followed the progress of the snake all the way down until it was out of the swimming area and into a big growth of water grass. Great thing to have next to the swimming area by the way. Talk about snake heaven!

So from all these instances, yes, I've decided that I've done something to royally piss off mother nature, and I want to publicly apologize and say I love her dearly and will do anything to make it up to her. :-D Just let me know!


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