Marie Gets a Makeover

I was working on my 3d model of Marie and finally got her more like I wanted her. This is about a 10 times better representation of Marie and her personality than the old one I did was.

So, Meet Marie Moonstone! But Call her Marie Smith...she HATES her last name. ;)


Anonymous said…
I'm new to your blog, but I'm assuming this is one of your characters.

If so this is really cool. It ahs to help create their world when they transform from a hazy image in your ind to an actual image.

There must be a lot of work or technical savvy to do this since.
Anonymous said…
It's a character from a book I plan on working again after I'm done with the rewrites on the series I just finished writing. It's called Blood and Violets. There's a brief blurb about it in Other WIPs.

It does help! So much!!! I always went out looking for pictures of what I thought my characters looked like in my head, but I NEVER found anything close. So with this I can actually create exactly the image of them that is floating around up there.
Anonymous said…
So as not to be insulting and making guesses........ what IS she doing with her hands?
Anonymous said…
It's a Zen thing. Haven't you seen martial arts peeps doing it? Marie loves martial arts.

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