The Chap Stick Incident

Once upon a time, I was taking a creative writing class with Lisha. We always had a blast. Our teacher was a grad student named Adam Prince. Yup, A. Prince. I always thought that was pretty adorable.

Well you know how creative writing classes work. Everyone sits around a big table, and you give your commentary on other people's work. I believe it was during one of these workshop sessions that the events in question took place.

It was Halloween or at least the last class day before Halloween. At any rate we were in costume, which I had completely forgotten and Lisha had to remind me of. Lishy and I had on matching robe dresses. Hers was burgundy and mine was black. I've still got them around here somewhere. Hers was complimented by a lovely set of sexy, little elf ears and a matching burgundy cape transforming her into just about the hottest elf ever! I had on a black witches hat with feathers and my black velvet cape with burgundy satin lining. We were adorable! Let me tell you!

We were sitting there discussing someone's story, and Lisha starts looking for something in her backpack. Well she pulls a couple things out and lays them on the table. One of them is what appears to be a tube of chap stick. Now my lips are perpetually chapped, and we always borrow each others stuff, so I didn't think a thing about picking it up and putting some on.

The second it touched my lips they started burning, and I looked over at elven Lisha. Her eyes were big as moons, and she was staring at me. Then she started to giggle and somehow managed to get out between gasping guffaws, "It's...not...chap...stick!!!" At this point I remembered that she also had a tube of that stick perfume stuff in her purse and realized the error of my ways.

Her laughing fit set me off and pretty soon the elf and witch were both laughing hysterically and no one around us had the slightest idea what was so funny. Poor Adam, knowing that we were slightly off our rockers anyway, stared at us in horror as if we might at any moment go completely insane and he'd have to deal with it. Poor guy for having to put up with us.

Well, Lisha again stammered out something about it not being chap stick. Of course, he had no idea what we were talking about. Seeing as she couldn't stop laughing, Lisha tried to make a break for it to avoid further giggling interruption, but only managed to elevate the situation. She made it around to the head of the table near the door before she had a giggle-induced leg collapse and ended up sitting on the floor laughing her head off at the head of the table. Of course the sight of an elf sprawled out on the floor giggling madly only served to make my laughing fit all the worse.

Our classmates were all staring at us in confusion while we both laughed our heads off. You see when Lisha and I get together hilarity tends to ensue. I can't tell you the number of times we've been told, "You girls are having way too much fun." Well, yes, thank you! Yes, we are. Y'all are just jealous. :-D


Anonymous said…
I love you guys :)

Even reading that story now I still giggle. And I too have that stick perfume, I think of you two often, hehehehehe.

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