Thursday Thirteen #17

13 Reasons to Buy a Raffle Ticket

Welcome to my first attempt at blatant fund raising!

  1. You could win a Vespa LX50 scooter.

  2. You'd be supporting a great cause. All proceeds of the raffle go to benefit Gifford Memorial Hospital end-of-life care services.

  3. Because wouldn't you look hot on a scooter!? Scooters get between 60 and 80 MPG.
    My Honda Metropolitan gets 100 MPG so this one might even get more. How much was gas last time you filled up?

  4. You have a 1 in 250 chance to win! That's pretty darn good odds if you ask me.

  5. You'd be saving the environment for our kids.

    Save the planet for the little guy! He'd do it for you.

  6. Because the scooter community is a tight-knit one. You'll have friends appearing out of the woodwork just because of your new spiffy two wheeler if you win.

  7. Come on! Even fairies ride scooters! Don't you wanna be like a mythical creature?

  8. You can name your scooter something cute. Like Blue Belle…

    This is Blue Belle. :-D

  9. It's good for your karma to donate to worthy causes. Don't you need some good karma? Everyone does!

  10. All the cool kids are doing it.

  11. Did I mention the insanely good gas mileage?

  12. The wind in your face is almost as good as flying!

  13. No! Really! How sexy would you look on this baby?

    Click on the Picture to Enlarge

    How do you buy a ticket? Send along a check to Crystal or Ashley made out to Gifford Medical Center, or call Ashley during east coast business hours to give her your credit card number. Do it soon, because there are only 250 tickets and they are going fast.

    Crystal Waters - P.O. Box 1873 - Westminster, MD 21158
    Ashley Lincoln - Gifford Medical Center - P.O. Box 2000, Randolph, VT 05060 - (802) 728-2380;

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Hmm. No car seats on that thing.

Know how tempting that makes it???

Best of luck with the lottery, babe. And good for you for turning it into a Thirteen!
Hehe, I'm with Susan. Oh, to be in a vehicle alone without three screaming kids! Good luck with the raffle!
Shelley Munro said…
You got me at the sexy bit. I'd buy a ticket if I wasn't way down here in NZ. Best of luck with the raffle!
Christine d'Abo said…
You know, I'd love to have a scooter. It would be the perfect for those quick trips to the store down the end of the road when you only need one or two things.
So far away, but my spirit is with you and this neat cause!!!
amy said…
What a wonderful thing to do!
-atomik kitten said…
My brother has a scooter just like that! But he doesn't look hot when he rides it...course he is 6'4 and weighs about 280. LOL Good luck with your raffle!! I don't think that (if I won) I could afford to have it shipped to OK.
My daughter says she wants one of these to get around the city but it makes me nervous just thinking about it! :-0

I wish you great luck with your lottery!
I'm with Shelley. If i wasn't in another country, I'd be there. Vespas are COOL.
Lisa Andel said…
Great sales pitch!
Don't have any use for a scooter right now, but it is a good cause.

Good luck.
N.J.Walters said…
Good luck with the raffle!
Ann said…
Great sales pitch. Good luck with the raffle. Sounds like a very worthy cause.
Ann Aguirre said…
What a great cause. :)
Trina said…
Good Luck with your raffle, I'm not much of a scooter person myself or I would buy a ticket!

Happy TT!
Elle Fredrix said…
Seriously, the gas milage alone should be enough to sell anyone on this!
Vixen said…
Yep, no car seats and no movies screen to distract said persons in carseat...

Great idea though. I will donate to the program!

Thanks for visiting!
Carolan Ivey said…
"It's for the kids" always works. :)
Michelle Hasker said…
Great tempting list. Way to use the kidlets :)

Happy TT
Kuanyin Moi said…
Good luck with your raffle! Happy TT! Personally I'm scared of riding on these little things with so many big Hummers and trucks with giant wheels on the roads.
Marina said…
Dang...if it were only powerful enough to haul feed

Good luck with selling all of those tickets!

Jenn said…
Nope, she never misses a chance to show a pic of Nicky.

LOVE YA! I'd love a scooter, but I have a feeling it would get vandalized or carried off at work.....
Me said…
Thanks everybody for listening to my fund raising promo! :-D

Susan, Joely: It is great to ride every once in a while without my little guy a foot behind me. :-D

Shelley: Well I guess we can forgive the Kiwi's among us. hehe

Christina: It's great. Sometimes I forget things at the store just so I can make the hubby watch the baby so I can go "pick it up real quick." :-D Just don't tell him. hehehe

Nancy: Thanks!

Amy: Thanks!

Practical Chick: Aww, I bet he looks adorable. :-D

Daisy: My mom hates it. Absolutely hates it, but I stick to the back roads so it's pretty safe.

Cat and Kate: I (big puffy heart) them!

Thanks Lisa!

NJ: Thanks!

Ann: Thanks!

Ann: It really is a great program they have.

Trina: Not everyone is. Thanks anyway. :)

Elle: Isn't it amazing. I find it amusing filling up for no more than 3 bucks when the Hummer next to me is paying like 60!

Whoohooo!!! Thanks, Vixen! Good luck!

Carolan: hehe It's great to play on people's but the babies need you emotions. hehe

Michelle: Yes, I stoop to using my toddler. But ain't he cute in his Little Vampire Motorcycle Club t-shirt! hehehe

Kuanyin: It's best to avoid those wheels. ;)

Marina: hmmm maybe you could get one with a side car. :-D

Jenn: Well of course not!
FRIGGA said…
Man, if I had $25 in my Paypal account I totally would. But alas, I spent it on The Office, Seasons 1 and 2. Now I'm broke.

At least it's Friday :-)

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