Thursday Thirteen #20

13 Reasons that I wish my Stinking Internet Worked!

  1. How can I visit everyone's Thursday 13 without my internet!?
  2. How can I obsessively check to see if I got a response back from Samhain?!
  3. I need Wikipedia to fact check my writing! I don't like anachronisms! I don't! They make me crazy! Well unless they are members of SCA then that's okay!
  4. I need to make sure I'm not misusing words. I have an insane fear of that.
  5. Seriously I have an email checking addiction!
  6. I miss the Luna board and Samhain Cafe!
  7. I can't check the weather once every few minutes to make sure that the sound I'm hearing is a truck and not thunder.
  8. I need to blog!
  9. I need to read other people's blogs!!!
  10. What if some huge important piece of news happens and I miss it cause I never have the TV on?
  11. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED MSN Messenger! *dies a little inside each minute that goes by without connection to the outside world*
  12. I don't know what I'm going to cook tonight and I can't get to!
  13. I need to online shop for things I'm never going to buy!

That isn't all but I guess I should stop with 13 since I'm writing this in my "I don't really smoke, but we're going to call this my smoke break" break. \

I miss you all!!!

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N.J.Walters said…
LOL Poor Lesley. Hope your internet is back up and running soon. It's amazing how dependent we are on technology.
Whoa. How'd you manage to get this up without Internet? Are you stealing your neighbors' signals again? (and if not, why not?)

Hang in there, babe. You'll be back up among us before too long. I hope.
Ann Aguirre said…
Oooh, you're gonna get the shakes soon. Hope it gets fixed!
Oh Lesley, that's just terrible. I depend on the internet for so many things, both as a writer and in my regular daily life. I can't imagine having to do without it! Hope things get resolved soon!
Ack, I was hyperventilating for you at the thought of losing my internet! Glad you made it anyway and that it's working again!
Julia Smith said…
I'm glad I saw the happy ending to this sad tale before I scrolled down for the TT. I love your need to online shop for things you'll never buy! I do that in real life. It's relaxing.
Ann said…
Glad you're back up and running. :)
I know how difficult it is when things crash (of course, if it happens at work I just smile). Happy TT.
Robin said…
I can't bear to even consider no internet *shudder*.
Nicole Austin said…
Ouch! I'd have to hang out at Starbucks with the laptop. No way can I go without my connection.
imogen howson said…
Oh poor baby. Glad it's working again!
Me said…
Thanks all for your condolences. :-D I can't believe I survived. hehe

Susan: You know I would have...But no one around us has wireless!!!!! Well there is one very faint signal at the far end of the house coming from somewhere, but only my good laptop will pick it up, and it was at the doctor getting over a close encounter with a glass of tea. It was a bad week for technology. LOL

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