Terrifying Toddler Travel

What better way to start your Tuesday than with a little bit of alliteration, eh?

If you read my blog with any regularity, you probably know that I have a little boy just shy of two, and we're going to be visiting my in-laws next month. I'm so excited about going to visit. We haven't been back in like 5 years and haven't seen them in a year. I'm just worried about how well my little guy is going to travel. The plane ride to get there? Two hours to Atlanta and then eight to Copenhagen. I can't tell you how much fear this evokes in me.

Especially after I read these stories...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

We're going to get thrown off the plane! I just know it! Nicky isn't the quietest child in the world. He occasionally screeches loudly and happily. We're working on that with him, but he's not quite old enough to reason with yet. It is getting better though.

So I'm trying to think of ways to keep the child happy.

1. 80 GB iPod Video complete with episodes of Wonder Pets, and Handy Manny. I'm also going to add a couple of movies that he's never seen and his favorite movie Cars. BIG thanks to my Mommy and Daddy who got this for him as an early birthday present! We got some soft headphones that I think will be good for the plane and also some of those plug in speakers for other times.

2. 10 diapers and wipes - I wonder if that will be enough diapers. Normally he wouldn't go through near that many in that time period, but who knows what will happen when we get on that airplane.

3. Juice x 4 - This is going to require some hoops to jump through, but according to TSA's website, you're allowed to take juice in reasonable amounts onto flights if you submit them for inspection. So I'm going to get some of those individual juice bottles and take them. I hope four isn't unreasonable. I'm thinking one for take off and landing of each flight to keep his little ears from popping. And of course his Cars Sippy Cup to drink it with.

4. Motion Sickness Meds - I need to call the pediatrician about this one. I have no idea what to give him if he gets sick, but for the love of all that is good and holy, can you imagine trying to deal with a motion sick child on an airplane!?

6. Peanut Butter Sandwiches x 2 - This is his absolute favorite food. I figure if he won't touch the plane food this is a sure bet so I'm taking one for each flight.

7. Crackers - Another big love of his.

8. Puffs - They are these little puffed wheat fruit flavored things that Gerber makes and he loves them. Plus they come in a great resealable container.

9. Dried fruit - He loves this one too.

10. A change of clothes - Yeah, this one is always a good plan.

11. Magic Markers/Magic Paper - These things rock my world! They are the ones that don't write anywhere but on the special paper.

12. Bard the Dragon Puppet - He is always amused by this guy.

13. His favorite cuddlers - Charlie the Bear and his stuffed Lightening McQueen.

14. Two books - Custard the Dragon and a new one.

15. A Vroom Vroom - This is how we refer to his soft cars. He's obsessed with these things!

16. Hyland's Calms Forte for Kids - This is an all herbal sleep aid for kids, as a last resort if it looks like they are going to throw us off the plane. I'm going to try it out on him before hand (if I can ever find any) because it actually does the opposite to some kids and makes them hyper. That would so not be the goal.

17. His Monkey on His Back - It's a little leash for a toddler that is shaped like a monkey looking over his shoulder. I know what you non-toddler parents are thinking... "Eh gads! She wants to put a leash on her child! How demeaning!" Well I could care less if someone thinks that about me. My son is a sprinter! He will, with absolutely no warning, take off running like a mad man. If he didn't have his monkey on, that could mean he would run in front of a car or far enough away from me that someone could grab him. This way he has the freedom to play without me having my hands on him all the time but still be safe.

18. Ergo Baby Carrier - Maybe - I'm still debating this one. We don't have one yet, and they are expensive. I know I don't want to try to schlep around a stroller that I KNOW he won't let me use anyway. He hates being in strollers. This one gives you the option of wearing him as a backpack or having him in his favorite hip position.

I'm sure I'll think of lots of other things and have to add them, but this is my list for now. Hopefully it won't get too much longer.

If anyone has traveled far with little ones and has suggestions, please! I yearn for knowledge! really!!!


Anonymous said…
Try these. http://www.totallythomas.com/prod/thomas/birthday/pk3776.html We use these in the car and while waiting at restaurants. He's probably old enough to enjoy them. They have bought me lots of time. I bought my at a novelty toy store.
Anonymous said…
It's an odd one, but it worked. You may know this already

I was stuck on a train from Chicago to LA for 2 and a half days (we hit a cow and were stuck in the desert for an extra twelve hours. Joy) Babies and toddlers were fretting, nerves were starting to shred, but their mothers had a trick that lessened the surrounding stress.

When they were inconsolable, the mother's made a Native American war cry out of their screams. Sounds bad, but just coming out of the toddler stage with my youngest, it helps.

People laugh, relax, the child senses this as the mother relaxes... also the strange noise is fun and distracting, LOL

So if your long list fails, go for the whoop, whoop, whoop, LOL
Anonymous said…
jgoode: ooohhhh Those look like fun for me....errrr Nicky to play with! :-D Thanks for the tip! I'll bet I know where to find them too.

Kim: OMG I don't know how you could possibly have survived!!! That is just horrific! I'll definitely try that if he starts a tantrum. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Have a few of those Dum-Dum lollipops or Saftey-Taffy lollipops on hand--just for emergency. :)

Stickers are a plus, too. Peeling them off and sticking them to paper really occupied my daughter when she was younger.
Anonymous said…
I was a student just finshing up Camp for the summer. I survived that, so I knew I could survive anything ;-)
Anonymous said…
Jennifer: I haven't seen those safety pops in years! That's a great idea.

Kim: Aww, I loved Camp! Of course I never went for the whole summer and it was a nice respite from my hometown. :-D
Anonymous said…
Hey sweety, I just flew through Atlanta Friday on my way to Vegas. I was worried about making my connecting flight with only 48 minutes between, so I looked up their webpage to ease my mind. Knowing you, this might help if you haven't done that airport before :)

Flight Arrivals/Departures - http://www.atlanta-airport.com/applications/trakaflight/flightinfo_frames.htm

Terminal Layout - http://www.atlanta-airport.com/Default.asp?url=sublevels/terminal/termmap.htm

Look up your inbound and outbound flights, see what gates they're at, and then you'll see where you have to go. But then you probably also have to go through some sort of customs.... Good luck with that.

To get from terminal to terminal, you'll need to find the nearest tram and hop on it to go to the next terminal. I made my flight with about 10 minutes before they started boarding.
Anonymous said…
Jenn!!! Are you trying to insinuate that I am a worry wart??? Me??? Never! I never worry in the least!

kajsdfoijw --- Sorry about that, my nose just got in the way of my fingers for a minute.

hehehe Thanks, sweetie pie! I'll bookmark em! I wonder if my Axim will work on the airport wireless or if I have to pay for it.
Anonymous said…
I was at a sports camp on a work visa, Lesley. So we didn't get to do the fun parts... though we did get to go into the local town at the end of the for some light refreshment *smirk*
Anonymous said…
Feel free to call from the airport if you're worried about the iron, I still have a key, I can check for you :)

Anonymous said…
Jenn: LMAO This is why I just don't iron anymore! hehehe If I think of anything else that my OCD requires checking, however, I'll totally call you!

Love you too!

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