Today is the Last Day of this Month RIGHT???

OMFG! I'm so glad this month is almost over! It has been the month from the depths of the most heinous reaches of hell! I think the world has just turned on me!!!

I can't even explain what just happened!

I was making water for tea in my tea kettle which I have used like 5000 times. Normally it starts off with a soft whistle and gets louder. This time it just started whistling like I'd left it sitting for 20 minutes or something! Really loud!

I thought it was strange, but I walked over to it and turned off the burner. Then I flipped up the little lid. You know the part that actually does the whistling. I've done this a thousand times. It's how I keep the dog from going crazy from the whistling. He hates it. But this time something bizarre happened!!! I flipped it up and scalding water exploded out in all directions. At least Nicky was in the other room!

So I'd like for the cosmic curse to lift with the end of this month please thanks very much.


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