Lost and Found: Missing Muse

I think my muse must have taken a vacation. Probably somewhere with a beach. *grumbles jealously* I have absolutely no creativity. Maybe my WIP is in a funk and I need to take a look at it from another angle or something. I'll have to try that. Perhaps I'll skip forward to some juicy bits. At any rate, I need something to get me inspired.

And chocolate...Dang it! I neeeeeeeeeeeeed some chocolate! I've banned it from the house. Now that doesn't mean I won't eat it. The same rules apply to it that apply to the diet coke. I am allowed to have it if I want it but it can't be easily obtained, which means it can't be in my house. I was seriously contemplating seeing if I had everything I needed to make fudge though earlier. I think I do...*Stares longingly at the kitchen*

Also I would like to put in an order for some decent luck. Mine has been pure and utter crap recently, and I'm tired of it! I need something good to happen!!! And nothing else bad!

Think this order will go through? We'll see...


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