Goth Larvae

Aww...I saw the cutest thing when I was at the world's largest retailer today. There was a pair of girls probably 12 or 13 decked out in goth attire. Not anything over the top. They looked pretty cute actually.

It got me to thinking. I once went to the mall with my good friend Krystal wearing a pair of black vinyl pants and a black vinyl jacket. Well I was wearing them. We both wouldn't have fit in them at the same time as they were pretty much skin tight anyway. I can't remember exactly what she was wearing. I think her black leather biker jacket and black jeans, but I barely remember what happened yesterday so I could totally be making that up. We looked pretty darn cute if I don't say so myself.

So we were wandering from store to store, and finally noticed this security guy following us around. I'm not sure if he was afraid we were going to steal something or what? I guess we did look pretty out of place in the middle of the Pine Bluff, Arkansas Mall decked out in such duds. It is also entirely possible that he was just a creepy dude who wanted to follow around teenage girls in tight black clothes!

So anyway the cute, little goth larvae totally reminded me of my goth-y youth. Ah, memories!


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