Thursday Thirteen #19

Just so y'all know, I will be visiting everyone, but I have to go to some training tomorrow so it'll be evening before I can make my rounds.

13 Reasons I Have Nothing to Wear

1. Because I'm FAT!
Yes, my friends, that is the number one reason. I have tons of adorable clothes, but they are all...well let's just say too small. I've lost twenty pounds, but I need to lose a lot more, and I seemed to be totally stalled out! Time to kick it into high gear.

2. Because I have the fashion sense of a toad stool.
No, I'm not exaggerating! I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl. If I put anything else on, I feel like I'm five playing dress up and someone is going to call me on it at any moment. Those people on What not to Wear would have a field day with me.

3. I have no money!
Seems like things keep breaking or people and dogs keep getting sick, and it all just keeps sapping any extra cash right out of the budget.

4. Because fashion is just sooo not following my desired trends.
It seems like one day everything was absolutely adorable and now you can't find anything cute! I'm hoping things shift pretty soon, because quite frankly I can't take much more of this 80s stuff.

5. Because there is nothing in stores right now I can wear, because it's too hot!
Okay, I know they put the fall clothes out now cause kids are heading back to school, but it's August and there were NO bathing suits anywhere I looked! It's the hottest time of the year, and I couldn't buy a bathing suit!

6. Did I mention I'm fat? Yeah, it bears repeating.
I'm certainly not going to spend a great deal of cash on clothes I hope won't fit in a month.

7. Because I ruin clothes.

I'm serious. I put on a new shirt, and it's like instantly tomato sauce or coffee materializes from nothing and ruins it!

8. Because I already wore the two new shirts I bought this week.
I picked up a couple of really cute shirts at Kohls last weekend for 15 bucks! Gotta love clearance. I, however, didn't take into account that I needed to dress up tomorrow so I already wore them... Doh!

9. Because I'm insane.
Yes, insane! But you all know that. Why does that keep me from having anything to wear? Well in this case, it's because I can't wear anything black anymore unless it's of a texture that camouflages fuzz. I'm serious! I can't stand fuzz or hair on my clothes. I have two dogs and a cat. Yeah, that's difficult to avoid. Strangely enough, I never notice if anyone else has fuzz or hair on their clothes unless it's pointed out to me. Another one of my little quirks...

10. Because my clothes disappear.
I'm not kidding. I think I have clothes gnomes!

11. Because sleeves aren't long enough!
Have you noticed how short sleeves have gotten progressively shorter in recent years? Even plus-sized shirts are following this trend. I mean, look, if I'm buying a plus-sized shirt chances are I have plus-sized arms! I would very much like them covered! Thanks! I'm not saying they should all be of the longer variety. Heavens no! If you've got great arms by all means you should have the length sleeve you want. Or if you don't have great arms and just like to wear them that way. That's fine too, but please Mister Fashion Designer, sir, (and I know you're a man!!!) please, just make me some shirts with sleeves of reasonable length that are not also hideously ugly so that I can get dressed and feel comfortable!

12. Because every time I do have extra cash I spend it on the Munchkin.
Awww, but he's so cute! I think he totally deserves it!

13. Because WTH happened to Old Navy???
I used to buy all my clothes there, but in recent years the price has gone up drastically, and the quality hasn't improved in the least. Plus they follow the trends in everything in the store so it's like you walk in and are transported back to the 80s!

So that's why I have nothing to wear.

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Ann Aguirre said…
Good luck with your wardrobe crisis.
Why not go naked? HEHEHE

Thank you for visiting my TT last week. This week I am thanking my fellow TTer's. Come by and get your thanks!
i am the diva said…
you and i might just be the same person. LOL

good TT!
Natalie said…
I agree. It's hard to find cute clothes right now for me too!

Happy TT!
Kaz Augustin said…
Lesley, I've tagged you for the "Meme of Four". Just mosey on over to my site for a look at what it means. You may be exhausted after your TT, but if you're up for some procrastination...
Jenn said…
About Old Navy....... you may have noticed they've gotten rid of plus sizes too!

I ripped a whole in a pair of my jeans last night (and cut the crap out of my knee), so I don't have a different pair for each day of the week now, LOL. I have to go get more jeans, hehehe. I only have 5 that I wear to work, I don't want to ruin all of mine, some are still nice for going out, concerts, etc.
LOL I so hear you where clothing is concerned. I don't like the short shirts or the 3/4 sleeves.
Heck I don't like sleeves at all LOL

BTW...Thwwwat that's for the tagging Michelle who tagged me in the Meme LOL

Whoa. I have too many of the same complaints -- and too much love for my t-shirts and jeans, too. So much so that I walked in my closet and was reacquainted with a bunch of stuff.

I hear ya, girlfriend. Hang in there -- and get back on that exercise path. Not just so your clothes fit, but it's good for your heart!
Michelle Hasker said…
You sound just like me.
How scary is that. My new shirt got chocolate on it the first time I wore it. Not from me, but my munchkin who wiped his face on my shoulder.
us fat girls need to stick together *hugs*
Me said…
Ann: Thanks! I survived! Barely...

Gabriella: The world is so not ready for me naked. LOL

Diva: I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one! Adorable picture in the header on your blog btw!

Natalie: I'm patiently waiting for the cute stuff to come back! :)

Kaz: Muhahaha I passed it along to others! ;)

Jenn: Now they are "Exclusively Online!" As if that were some fabulous thing and not just hideously annoying. I need a new pair of jeans too. We should hit the mall.

Aline: muahahaha!

Susan: Maybe that's what I should do. Just go in my closet and take a look at everything that is there buried behind my tshirts. LOL

Michelle: I cannot tell you the number of times I've gone back to work after lunch with a peanut butter covered shoulder! Those wee one cuddles can be pretty darn messy at times!
Tink said…
Oh yeah, I know what you mean....
Thanks for visiting Maia's picture TT!

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