Thursday Thirteen #27

13 Reasons I'm too Impatient to be a Writer

  1. I check my email every ten seconds to see if I've gotten a response to my full yet...*checking*...Nope, not yet.
  2. I contemplate all the different possibilities...
    Is it taking so long because they hate it and can't think of anything nice to say?
    Is it taking so long because they love it and are debating exactly how much money they want to give me? (What? I can dream!)
    Has my email somehow been capturing the responses and hiding them from me in an effort to push me slowly over the edge?
  3. What's with this no simultaneous submissions thing? So many publishers demand that you not send a work to anyone but them, and then wait six months to respond to you with a form letter! Not that that's happened to me? Nope! And I'm not bitter! Not at all!
  4. I didn't just check my email again! No, I didn't! Okay, yes, I did.
  5. I'm almost too impatient to even online shop! How can I possibly wait months to know if my dream's going to come true this time?
  6. I can't wait to find out things, because I need to know how much chocolate it's going to take to soothe my hurt feelings. Or how much it will require in celebratory chocolate!
  7. Sleep bugs me. I get into a story that I'm impatient to finish and this whole requiring sleep thing gets in the way!
  8. Yup, just checked it again.
  9. I go to the blogs of people to whom I've submitted and analyze every one of their posts in the hope of gleaning one shred of evidence as to whether or not they have read my submission yet.
  10. I'm just sure every time they say something vague about a bad submission they must be talking about me.
  11. I am absolutely certain that the USPS likes messing with my mind so they hide my snail mail submissions for a couple of months just to add that little extra stress.
  12. I live in a world of knowledge instant gratification , why can't I know EVERYTHING immediately?
  13. *checks her email again*


Anonymous said…
Hhehe I love it.
I am constantly checking my email too.
Anonymous said…
*fighting the urge to send you email so you'll have something to check*

I'm a brat lately, aren't I??????
Anonymous said…
Dude, you'll drive yourself crazy. Write the next book!
Anonymous said…
right there with you on the simultaneous submissions thing! some peoples children! geesh!
Anonymous said…
Hang in there, babe. The answers will come when you least expect it. They are ALL good, even the rejections -- it means you're that much closer to finding the right fit.

Stop thinking about it and focus instead on the next one!!
Anonymous said…
Jenn, my love, you are always a brat. *giggles*

Michelle: I'm glad to know I'm not alone!

Ann: Oh, don't get me wrong. I've finished two other things since I submitted the ones I'm waiting on, but that doesn't stop the obsessing. LOL

Jayedee: Isn't it obnoxious!

Susan: I think you're a much more optimistic person than I. hehehe
Anonymous said…
You just cracked me up. Go check you mail again. I will wait.

Back? Okay good. I am hoping and crossing fingers for you!!!

Happy TT
Anonymous said…
*keepingmyfingerscrossed* I hate waiting, too, and I hope that they'll email you ASAP!

Happy TT!

Greets Julia
Anonymous said…
I know how you feel. I hate waiting for things too. Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
Hang in there.
Happy TT'ing!
Anonymous said…
Good luck w/that!
Anonymous said…
As the philosopher Tom Petty put it, "The waaaaaiting is the hardest part." Hang in there and write something else while you wait! Good luck!

Kelly Cat
(also in Thursday Thirteen)
Anonymous said…
I check my emails frequently too. And if I don't get anything, I get paranoid about whether my e-mail system is working or not.
Anonymous said…
Vixen: Okay *checks it* Dang! Still nothing!

Julia: Thanks!

Morgan: Yes! Waiting is so hard!

Raggedy: I'll do my best. hehe

Natalie: Thanks!

Kelly: *Writing away*

Nicholas: Me too!

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