Wierd Searches that Found my Blog...

So I was playing around in Google Analytics the other day and found some "interesting" searches that led people to my blog. Of course there were the usuals: my name, misspellings of my name, my blogs name, but then there were others...

  1. resplendence publishing will write, resplendence publishing
    I wrote one blog asking if anyone knew anything about this company from dealings with them, and I get a lot of hits just from people searching for it. There was even a day when it was like third on the google search for Resplendence Publishing.
  2. onemonepia
    All I said was it was one of my favorite words. LOL
  3. unknown laws
    I have no idea...
  4. what games did the vikings play
    Research for Arianna Penndragon.
  5. arkansas razorbacks its so hard to be humble
    Yes, Yes it is! Sorry we just beat NUMBER ONE RANKED LSU. :-D Not that I'm pleased or anything... muhaha
  6. dyeing a purse, how to dye purses, wine purse
    hehe Yes, I dyed my purse.
  7. freezer bread dough, freezer compressor doesn't kick on, how to let bread rise in fridge, will my dough rise in the fridge
    This was a very unpleasant experience, and I don't recommend it as a method of letting your bread dough rise...
  8. goth food
    Hmmm...I wonder what goth food is...
  9. punk goth- decorating bedrooms
    There seems to be a theme here...
  10. southern america tiny waist food
    This one cracked me up. No idea what I wrote that relates.
  11. torture the medieval
    It was research for Fiona! Really! *locks the door to the basement* muhaha
  12. viking yule cat
    This kitty still cracks me up.

Dang...it's gone! There was a really weird one when I was playing in there the other day! It had something do do with sexy women in socks... How that brought up my webpage I'll NEVER be able to guess, but it cracked me up!


Anonymous said…
How bizarre...... I remember when I was taking my exceptionalities class, we did a presentation that I need pictures of a "Short bus" for and that turned up a lot of porn images, LOL.
Anonymous said…
LOL! Sexy women in socks cracked me up.
Anonymous said…
Jenn: Ewwww I don't even want to know!

Jennifer: Isn't that weird!!! (Striving to spell the word weird right on the first try from now on...) It cracked me up too though! hehehe

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