I'm Learning to Knit!

I've always wanted to learn to knit as my attempts at crocheting have all failed mesirably, which makes me sad cause my Granny was an amazing crotcheter (is that a word) and I would really love to be able to make those adorable Granny square quilts. I thought they were so silly looking when I was a kid but now that I'm grown I think they are just beautiful!

Well anyway, I bought the Knitting Made Easy CD-ROM from Hobby Lobby and have already perfected...err...attempted the knitting stitch. Actually I keep ending up with these strange extra stitches and I have no idea where the heck they come from, but I guess I'll figure that out with time. I decided to wait until tomorrow to attempt the purl stitch. Wouldn't want to over work my poor little preoccupied brain.

This CD is fabulous! I lurv it! It's funny, because I have the same one they make for crocheting and have tried to prefect my techniques through that with absolutely know luck! Obviously I just wasn't meant to crotchet! Sorry you wasted all those hours trying to teach me Granny!

Oh well, I just had to share my new joy. :-D It's uber fun! I can't wait to learn to make mittens! Nicky really likes gloves! (I know, I find that odd too, but whatever makes him happy) So I'll simply have to knit him some mittens. :-D

But since he's sleeping, I'm off to work on Blood and Violets.

Good Night!


Jenn said…
I got to experience the glove obsession first hand, LOL. He really is a nut :) But oh so freakin adorable.
Julia Smith said…
I enjoyed knitting for awhile. I found it really relaxing. I may enjoy it again, but for now I'm already cramming so much into my allotted 24 hours a day.

I'm having a party in honor of Rhian over at my blog - drop on by!

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