Wow! Yeah! I'm glad I came to the auto shop today!

I have been putting off getting my spark plugs changed but my car has been hesitating a little bit in the past week or so since it got cold so I brought it to Precision Tune Auto Care to get it looked at. Good thing I did too. He just brought me my serpentine belt and showed it to me and it was...well lets say it was BAD! It looked like it was about to fall apart in his hands. I'm absolutely sure it would have died on the way to my parents this weekend. Cause that's the way things go. But now it's all fixed and my car should be happy again. Yay! So it got spark plugs, a chassis lube, new oil, a fuel filter, and a new serpentine belt.

But at least I had a coupon! If you need any work done that website has one for 10% off.


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