Razorback Scooter Gang

Now see! I knew I loved my Hogs for many reasons!

One of the many reasons I bought my scooter a whopping four years ago, (I can't believe how time flies) was that you can park it at any bike rack on campus! And the permit for it? 5 bucks! Well it seems that our football players liked the idea too. I've seen the number of scooters growing all the time outside the stadium during football practices, but I was never really sure exactly how many there were.

Until someone sent me this article...

"Roughly 20 Arkansas football players own scooters that can go around 50 mph on straight-aways and 65-70 mph if they're heading downhill. Of course, their coaches are constantly telling them to slow down."

Yes please, slow down! We don't want our star players wrecking. That wouldn't be good for the image of the scooter in Arkansas!

They've even formed their own "Scooter Gang" called the Rydaz for which they have a hand signal that they often flash to the cameras when getting their pictures taken. Yay! I mean how cool is that!? If I had a picture that was mine to share, I would totally post it here, but alas I do not.


Anonymous said…
$5 permits will work wonders. And I hope they do listen and take care while they're riding their Hogs. A football injury is a battle scar. A traffic injury is plainly inconsiderate!
Anonymous said…
Hogs riding Hogs still cracks me up! hehehe
Anonymous said…
Yeah $5 permits and the ample parking sound like good incentives for me, too.

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