Thursday Thirteen #28

13 Reasons I'm Telling my Secret Before I Intended to...
  1. Because my mother and father are drug pushers!
    I was home for Thanksgiving and had a sinus infection, and they wouldn't stop trying to get me to take some Mucinex. LOL So I had to tell them why I couldn't. Love you guys!
  2. Because once you tell one set of parents you have to tell the other...
    So we told Bryon's Mom and Dad this weekend.
  3. Because if something does go wrong I'll need somewhere to whine about how sad I am.
  4. Because in the meantime I need somewhere to whine about how crappy I feel.
  5. Because doesn't Nicky look adorable in his new shirt!?

    Don't worry...He's not mad because he doesn't want to share his trucks. He was furious because I took him away from the Wii to take his picture!
  6. Because have I mentioned I need somewhere to whine about how crappy I feel?
    Yeah, cause I do!
  7. Because I need a good excuse as to why I've gotten NO writing done in the last two weeks other than the fact that I've also had a sinus infection.
  8. Because doesn't it seem rather obvious when you go shopping with my father and buy regular cokes for me when I almost NEVER drink regular cokes that there is probably some reason for it?
    Like say I need something to settle my stomach...24 hours a day. Yes, honey, that was obvious...
  9. Because I need somewhere to pout about the fact that my favorite beverage, diet coke, (although yes, I know I shouldn't be drinking it, but really want to) tastes like poop!
  10. Because I didn't have anything better to Thursday 13 about this week. hehehe
  11. Because I knew you were just all dying to know my secret. ;)
  12. Because it amused the heck out of me to do one of those bulletins with the shocking subject line when the shocking subject line was actually true. hehe
  13. Because I am an easily amused kinda lady... :-D
Okay, in case you didn't already guess, though I'm sure you all have, I'm pregnant! Bryon and I have another little munchkin due July 19th. *crossing fingers for a healthy nine months*


Anonymous said…
Mazel Tov, babe!!! Yee haw! A new Speller!!!!

When we told the families about Opening Act #2, we totally blindsided them. It was pure genius.

Here's hoping it's smooth sailing between now and July. Have you tried Peppermint for the tummy? It worked for me; I sucked candy canes for months (and they're easy to find in the stores right now, too!).
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! I love that you are so excited. I think it's weird that people keep it so private when truly having a baby is a celebration of life.

May your life and the baby's be blessed!

Happy TT.
Anonymous said…
Woo hoo, woo hoo. It wasn't really keeping a secret though. It's just you weren't ready to share yet, lol.

Congratulations sweetie. I am happy for you and yours. And happy to see how excited you are!
Anonymous said…
Susan: Thanks!!! I'll have to try peppermint. The only thing that I've found is oranges so far. Which is strange, cause usually I'm not a fan of oranges at all!

Claudia: Thanks so much! I think it's less that they want to keep it private, and more that since there is such a high risk of miscarriage early on they want to be careful with sharing too early. We lost a baby early on before I had my little boy, and it is really unbelievably hard. Then come the well meaning comments that just make things worse. So I can totally understand why people want to keep it private for a while.

Vixen: Thanks so much! I AM excited. hehe
Anonymous said…
I love you Les!!!!!! Oyster just bit me when I tried to cuddle him, think he knows I'm talking to you??? just kidding....

Sorry you feel so crappy :( Someone said that running salt water through your nose and/or gargling it is supposed to help, but I'm soooooo not a fan of putting stuff in my nose! Just thought I'd share :D
Anonymous said…
Congratulations and blessings to you and your family! And concerning #12:
There IS nothing better to write about, is there ?

Happy TT!

Anonymous said…
Congratulations! My best wishes for a happy, healthy, uneventful pregnancy.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Lesley!

Have you tried ginger biscuits to settle the nausea? Well ginger of any sort is supposed to work, but then you have a valid excuse for eating the whole packet...;-)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby.
Happy tt!
Anonymous said…

You're the third person I know who just announced they're pregnant. Why isn't it rubbing off on me? LOL!

Feel better soon!
Anonymous said…

that's fab.

*hugs on the tummy.
I didn't write the entire pregnancy with my son. Correction, I wrote at MQ, but that was IT.

Prolly why I killed off my lover there....*looks around innocently
Anonymous said…
Jenn W: I love you too! Why does Oy hate me???? I've never been mean to him! I've brought him gifts of food! I just don't get it! I'd try the salt water then but my nose is so stuffy it wouldn't go anywhere! LOL They even sell those pots for that at Walmart now!

Julia: Thanks so much!

Robin: Thanks!

Kim: Hmmm ginger bisquits sound good, but I have no idea where to find any. hehehe I think they have gingerbread flavored ghram crackers out right now though. mmm Those sound good too!

Jenn: Thanks!

Jennifer: hehe I hope you're next!!! Thanks!

Michelle: hehehehe Pregnancy is a good reason to kill off all men in books. :-D
Anonymous said…
awww, nice list!

happy tt!

Anonymous said…
What a fun way to tell the world. Congratulations.
Anonymous said…
Well, I think diet sodas taste like poop at the best of times.. But I do want to know your secret!
Anonymous said…
Apparently you're just darn tasty my darling!

And yes, I've seen those little pots, apparently Oprah raved about them, so they're the new craze... however.... This picture is just NOT appealing:

And I hate stuff in my nose even worse than I hate it in my ears, and you know I wear earplugs every time I'm in water, lol.
Anonymous said…
Amanda: Thanks!

Kate: Thanks!

Nicholas: That is exactly what my best friend said about diet cokes! I lurv them! My secret is that I'm pregnant! LOL

Jenn: I know they look so darn icky! I really kinda like that water in your ears feeling! Okay actually I like the sensation when it goes away. I feel all refreshed. LOL

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