Big Man...Ugh...Kill Dinner...Bring Home...Feed Family...Ugh


My hubby went hunting with my dad over Thanksgiving and killed a 9 point buck. There is a picture. Don't worry, I won't share it. It squicks me out! But Bryon was very proud and Daddy was very proud of him. I'm proud too. I just don't particularly want to see the pictures. ;D I choose to think of my meat in no other way than coming out of butcher paper prepared for me to cook.

Daddy is getting the horns mounted for him. As Lishy pointed out...I just don't think it's going to go with the pink in my living room. hehehe I guess we'll see where to put it. Maybe over his computer. :-D

So anyway... Congrats on your deer, babe! I'm very proud of you, big strong hunter man. hehe


Vixen said…
Congrats to your man. Sounds like you'll be looking up at a deer head somewhere!
Me said…
Egads! No! Actually it's just the antlers that are getting mounted, which is much less horrific than a whole deer head! heheh
Jennifer Shirk said…
Eeeep. Uh, way to go! (Just don't bring it in the house) LOL!
Me said…
hehehe At this point I think the deer has been processed. It only takes them a day or two. So it's only coming into the house in nice little packs of paper. hehe
Jenn said…
ok, first, if you don't have the head mounted, what will you put a red nose on each year so you can have Rudolph the red nosed reindeer??
I'm kidding...

Second.... Feed me :) LOL, I've been craving deer meat, and my dad never hunts anymore.

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