Ancient Greeks and Silly Husbands

Okay, so we've been working on the field next to our house. It's been nothing but a grown up mess since we moved it. When we bought the place there was absolutely nothing growing in the field. They'd had too many horses in it, and they'd eaten everything! Even the bark off the trees! Which of course killed many of them...but I digress.

So as I mentioned in a previous blog a couple of weeks ago, we borrowed our friends weed and brush trimmer and have been slowly hacking away at it. Well Bryon finally finished it today! Yay!

So we were just chatting, and it went something like this...

Him: Oh, that was so much work!

Me: Yeah, and just think how much more work it's going to be when you have to schlep all those stones out of there. (We have...umm...let's call them stones, but some of them actually weigh more than a grown man...littering the entire field. We're going to have to get them out of there over the course of the winter so that come spring we can use the lawn tractor out there to keep the brush gone.)

Him: Yeah, *flexing his muscles - he may deny this, but he was* I'm going to get some of the bigger stones and mark them with spray paint so I don't forget and carry them off.

Me: Um...why?

Him: Cause I'm going to get them, and throw them...(and he went on but I was staring at him in awe of I'm not exactly sure what he said)

Me: (after he completed his spiel of exactly why that was great because it was great training for arm muscles since it mimicked punching) That is so ghey...

Him: (obviously taken aback at my lack of awe at his oh so masculine undertaking) Just how many gay people do you know that throw huge stones?

Me: Oh, I dunno the ancient Greeks come to mind...

He didn't find me amusing... I find me amusing. LOL I guess it's good that someone does.

Me: You know dear...I am sooooo blogging this!

Him: You better not make me sound lame!

Do you think he sounds lame? Neah! Silly but not lame. hehehe Love you, sweetie!


Anonymous said…
When you read the conversation and imagine his accent saying it..... well, I giggled, LOL.

Do I sense you needing to borrow my truck to move them with? You should totally put a post on Freecycle offering the rocks, I've seen stranger things posted and picked up.
Anonymous said…
Ha! Sounds like my hubby. "This better not end up on your blog." LOL!

Assure him, he does not sound lame. **grin**
Anonymous said…
Jenn: Neah, we're keeping the stones. Bryon has plans! He says he's building a hobbit house, a castle for Nicky and any other future munchkins ;), several retaining walls, and lord knows what else! hehe

Jennifer: hehehe He will be so incredibly relieved! *giggles*
Anonymous said…
Husband's make such great blog fodder! They just can't help themselves.

A hobbit house....interesting.
Anonymous said…
Vixen: Isn't that cool!? We found a website of some guy who made one in ... maybe England? And posted how he did it. Hubby's had his heart set on it ever since.

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