Twas a Bad Plan!

Now you'd think I'd be smarter than this at the age of twenty-eight, but I guess I'm not. I've been feeling crappy for like three-ish days. Sinus issues mostly. However, I still thought it was a good idea to spend the entire day working on the pasture next to the house. Hubby and I took turns running the Weed and Brush Trimmer thing that we borrowed from our dear friends (THANKS GUYS!) to try to make some progress in clearing the field. It's full of waist high brush right now and below and no I don't mean like gravel. I'm talking mega monster rocks! Well we did a great job! We got almost all the way around the perimeter of the field in about a fifteen foot depth. That's saying it a lot considering the size of that sucker! While I was working on it, I felt decent...better even! But as soon as I sat down I felt so much worse than I have in days! *whines and moans and complains* I'm a very bad sick person as I simply don't have the time and desire necessary to slow down enough to allow for the actual healing process to take place.

Oh well...I've learned my lesson. No clearing pastures when I'm sick!


Anonymous said…
I'm not good at being sick either. But it's even TOUGHER when you have a little one!

Feel better soon!
Anonymous said…
It sure does! Doesn't matter how sick you are someone still has to feed the tot! Thanks!

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